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Não perca as fotos de nossos alunos nas diferentes atividades e aulas e os vídeos de nosso canal no YouTube, no qual iremos informá-lo de notícias e novidades de sua escola de espanhol favorita

Método Hispania. Welcome to the Comunidad Hispania! Learn Spanish online!
Welcome to the Comunidad Hispania!

Now you can learn Spanish from home with the teachers and students from Hispania, escuela de español. Our school is currently a world reference for teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, whose excellence is accredited by the most important national and international institutions and by the most important awards of the sector, given by professionals, students, specialised magazines, and business organisations.
In Hispania, escuela de español, you will learn Spanish with a unique teaching method developed here at Hispania. Following this method, each student will enjoy maximum flexibility, which will allow students to create their personal course without depending on the progress of the rest of the class. Consequently, every student's progress is individual. Then students can choose how many lessons they want to study, their preferred days and schedules, and when they want to start their course.
Thanks to our software, it is easy to check attendance. As a student, you will have access to your student portal from our website, with a student number and a password. From there, you will be able to book a fixed schedule, or choose your preferred time for your next lesson. Besides, if you cannot attend a lesson which has been previously booked, you will have the option to cancel that lesson and save those hours for future lessons.
This flexibility is achieved thanks to the coordinated work of the Academic Coordination department and teachers. Lessons are planned not only considering the level of the group, but also the topics that participants have already studied.
More than FOUR THOUSAND students from more than 80 different countries have already learnt Spanish with the Hispania Method. Enjoy the maximum flexibility when learning Spanish in Hispania, escuela de español!

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