Official exams in Hispania

Hispania, escuela de español, is accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Thanks to this accreditation, anyone who wishes can take the DELE, SIELE or CCSE exams at our school. To do this, interested people can register through the Cervantes Institute:


Choose your level and take the DELE exam in Hispania, escuela de español.

Remember that, in the Courses in preparation for official Spanish exams section, you can reserve your DELE preparation course.

SIELE exam

Select a day and take the SIELE exam at our school.

For the SIELE exam you do not need to choose a level: the result of the exam will reflect your level based on the number of correct answers.


Every month we host the CCSE exams. Sign up now for the September 2024 call.

- Ordinary registration: 05/09/2024
- Not literate: 13/08/2024
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