Accreditations and awards



Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center Hispania, escuela de español

Instituto Cervantes

The recognition as Instituto Cervantes Accredited Center It implies compliance with an integrated system of conditions, requirements and indicators related to academic activity and the teaching team.


The facilities and equipment of the center, the administrative organization and the information and publicity referred to a center dedicated to the ELE teaching, carried out by the highest authority in relation to the dissemination and promotion of the Spanish language.

Eaquals Authorization (Excellence in Language Education)


EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services) is an international association of institutions and organizations related to language teaching.


Su objective is to promote and guarantee high quality in the teaching and learning of languages. To achieve this goal, EAQUALS has created and published a set of criteria to ensure that all EAQUALS accredited schools, in 31 countries and teaching a wide variety of languages, offer high quality educational services.


Hispania, escuela de español, became an accredited member of EAQUALS after the inspection carried out in 2013.

CSN Hispania, escuela de español


Hispania, escuela de español has the recognition of this entity, which allows studentsianwho meet the requirements the request for financial support for the study granted by the government of sweden.

Hispania, escuela de español accredited as a Socially Responsible School by FEDELE

FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language) 

Believe that Hispania, escuela de español is a center belonging to the Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language and, therefore, participates in its quality credentials in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

In addition, it is accredited that the center complies with quality standards, environmental ethics, equality and universal accessibility and that, for this reason, it has obtained the seal of "Socially Responsible ELE School”

UNEDasiss logo color collaborating entities


Hispania, escuela de español is a collaborating entity with the UNED in terms of management of accreditations for access to the university of studyianinternational tees.

educational time

"Bildungszeit", "Bildungsurlaub", "Bildungsfreistellung" known as training permit  

It is an offer from german states (with the exception of Bavaria and Saxony) aimed at workers, who can ask companies to take part in measures of officially recognized continuing training.


Hispania, escuela de español has reached an agreement with the german states to impart Spanish classes during 5 days per calendar year are dealt with first, followed by 6 hours of class a day.

We will be happy to welcome these German citizens to start or perfect their Spanish.


FEDELE Valenc Communityiana

Fedele Comunidad Valenciana - Ameele

It is what we call in Spanish a association of spanish schools created in 2002 with the aim of bringing together the main Spanish schools in the Valencian region (la Comunidad Valenciana) to achieve quality standards in our services.

Fedele Comunitat Valenciana


As a member of Fedele Comunidad Valenciana, Hispania, escuela de español is part of Fedele, the Spanish Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools for Foreigners, made up of six associations, which in their totality encompass 90 Schools of Spanish as a foreign language.

El main objective of FEDELE is to promote a quality status in the teaching of Spanish in Spain.

All the federated schools have at least one of the two seals of quality in teaching Spanish (Certificate of accreditation from the Cervantes Institute or CEELE).

UJI (Jaume I University)

Jaime I University (UJI)

There is a collaboration agreement signed with the Jaime I University to achieve a better integration and adaptation of our studentsiantes to university life on the UJI campus, offering special conditions for them.

You can study in Hispania, escuela de español our Spanish course to access a UJI Master.

Jaime I University is a public higher education and research university located in the city of Castellón de la Plana.

Valencian Communityiana learning spanish

Valencian Communityiana – Adhering Entity Creaturisme

CreaTurisme is the strategy of Valencian Community Tourismiana for the development and promotion of highly specialized, segmented and experiential-based tourist product programs and in which companies and tourist entities of the Valencian Community can participateiana.

Associated Company VISIT VLC Foundation

Visit Valencia

All the Tourism Information in Valencia. Find all the information you need. What to see and do in this magnificent city.

Logo of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, collaborator of Hispania escuela de español

Pontifical University of Salamanca (UPSA)

Hispania and the Pontifical University of Salamanca inician together educational projects to achieve a better integration and adaptation of our studentsianto university life, offering them special conditions for them.

You can study in Hispania, escuela de español our Spanish course to access the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

The Pontifical University of Salamanca has been dedicated to education for more than 80 years and is located in Salamanca, a city with a great university tradition.


ST SuperStar premio Hispania, escuela de español

ST Star Awards 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

The ST Star Awards are the premiThe most prestigious in the educational tourism or language tourism sector (Study & Travel).


These premiThey are awarded by professionals in the medical sectoriangive your votes to language schools and study abroad agencies.


Hispania, escuela de español has been chosen winner by professionals in the sector all Spanish schools in Spain and Latin America during the last five consecutive years (2015 – 2019), a unique milestone as a Spanish school.


Furthermore, having won this premio for 5 yearsour school has become a superstarlarvae, nymphs, and adults, so is part of the Hall of Fame of these premios.


This title is for life, so we will no longer compete in this category.

Premieducational excellence awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Educational Excellence Awards 2019

The PremiEducational Excellence premiBest practices in education worldwide.


The recognition that these premiIt positions our school as a center concerned and busy with achieving excellence in education and good business practices, achieving a more educated society without forgetting the importance of Social Responsibility in day-to-day training.


At year 2019, Hispania, escuela de español receives special mention of Best national Spanish school 2019.

We received this mention after having been winners of the following premithe:

  • Premio Educational Excellence 2019 for the Best Innovation in Spanish School.
  • Premio Educational Excellence 2019 for the Best Brand Image in Spanish School.
  • Premio Educational Excellence 2019 for the Best Trajectory in a Spanish School.
  • Premio Educational Excellence 2019 for the Best Training Plan for Teachers in Spanish Schools.
Premior iStudy awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

iStudy Language School Awards

The iStudy Language School Awards they select the winning school, based on their achievements and strengths in the education industry.


An overwhelming number of nominations are received each year and the jury has the unenviable task of selecting the school that deserves the award.remio.


All winners of the iStudy Language School Awards are subject to the same rigorous judging criteria, carried out by experienced professionals.


This ensures that only deserving schools can earn this prestigious award.


During the last 12 months votes are received through iStudy Guide subscribers: estudiantes, professors and industry experts.


Regardless of the size or location of the schools, this vote assesses excellence in teaching through the evaluation of the following areas:


  • Student satisfactioniante.
  • Knowledge of the subject.
  • Online visibility.
  • Use of technologies.
  • Teaching method.
  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Culture immersion.
  • Diversity.
  • Communicative skills.
  • Adaptability for the disabled.
  • Facilities.


Hispania, escuela de español was the winner of the “iStudy Language School Awards” 2016 to 2020, being also proclaimed World Language School across last three consecutive years (2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020).

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 Hispania, escuela de español

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021

The program Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence recognize Hispania, escuela de español for its success and continuous achievements in the category “Spanish School of the Year (Spain)”.


Hispania's unique teaching methodology and holistic approach to language learning made our school stand out in the nomination process.


Judge Andrew Walsh praised: “We were amazed at the level of detail and the supportive nature of the team at Hispania, escuela de español, informed by almost two decades of experience and success ”.

Premio Global 100 awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Global 100 2021 Winner 

EMG Publishing is a world-renowned British publisher, with publishing reach in 163 countries on six continents, recognizing businesses and professionals in its annual premithe.


Each premio comprises a unique selection process and exclusive classification methods.


Winners are selected from the best companies, based on their national and international work, according to a comprehensive set of criteria.


The evaluation processes focus on great measured in the complexity and strategic importance of the work carried out, which underlines the importance of the recognition each winner receives as an organization, company or individual.


Hispania, escuela de español has been awarded as the winner of the Global 100 of the year 2021 and best educational spanish school in spain.

Premio CorporateLivewie Spanish Language School of the year awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

CorporateLiveWire Global Awards

Corporate Livewire recognize Hispania, escuela de español for its success and continuous achievements in the category “Spanish School of the Year (Spain)”.


Spanish Language School of the Year 2021/22.

Premihe Business Excellence awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

PremiBusiness Excellence

In 2020, Hispania, escuela de español received this recognition for our professional development, maximum quality and business excellence in Spain.


For the Institute for Professional Excellence, with a committee of prestigious national celebrities.

2021 Business Excellence Awards Winners awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Business Excellence Awards 2021

The Premito Business Excellence 2021 announced to Hispania, escuela de español as "Best Spanish educational school" in Spain, applauding nearly 20 years of success in the field trip industry and our successful navigation through the challengeianthe situation created by the global pandemic.


The judging panel praised the seamless shift to high-quality, engaging online lessons in 2020, our school's investment in the newest technology for the classroom and permanent inclusion of hybrid classes in the offer of Hispania.


Thus, the award premito the pioneering spirit of Hispania, its recognized efficiency and its positive philosophy of life.

OGLOBAL business awards 2021 awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Global Business Awards 2021

The premiThe 2021 Global Business Insight Awards they honor business leadership, innovation and industry success around the world.


Hispania, escuela de español has been selected as "Best Spanish School in Eastern Spain", valuing our unique approach to teaching a second language and overall high quality standards.

Corporate Coaching and Recruiment awards 2021 Best Spanish Language school Eastern Spain awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2020

The premiThe Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards, based on merit, celebrate a culture focused on employees and professional growth in successful companies.


Hispania, escuela de español and 'Hispanic Philosophy' They are, above all, people. In addition to being excellent professionals and leaders in our sector.


The premior as “Best Spanish School in Eastern Spain” honor is toianza of humanity and excellence in the business culture of Hispania.

Education Stars Award Voted by students Best Language School in Spain awarded to Hispania, escuela de español

Education stars

EducationStars is a website that collects the opinions of studentsianwho have studied in language schools and allows them to assess their services.


Hispania, escuela de español has been named the "Best School in Spain" for three years, keeping us number 1 of all language schools in the world during the duration time.


El “Certificate of Excellence” of EducationStars is a prestigious certificate that is given only to schools with the best evaluations of the students.ianyour. Hispania, escuela de español received this certificate since 2015.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019 Hispania, escuela de español

Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

To obtain a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence you must:

  • Maintain an overall TripAdvisor score of four out of five.
  • Have a minimum number of opinions and have a TripAdvisor profile that is at least twelve months old.

To choose the recipients of the Certificate of Excellence, the quality and quantity of user opinions are taken into account, as well as the time that the business has been active on the website.

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