Online courses to prepare official exams SIELE

With our online course you can prepare to pass the SIELE exam and ensure your success. Our course starts on the first Monday of each month and has a total duration of 4 weeks, with a workload of 10 hours per week (total 40 hours).The price of the course also includes the official registration fee for the exam.

There is also the possibility of Exam Only + Express Preparation which includes our professional advice on the most important details to take into account for successful preparation for the test and official registration for the exam.

What are the advantages of the SIELE exam?

It is a multi-level online exam that always certifies a level and is never suspended.

It is valid for universities.

Results are obtained in less than three weeks, so it is perfect for students that need a certificate to get into university.

The school holds exams every day during the month of June.

Course + SIELE Exam
(4 weeks)

495 Final price
  • 4 weeks and 10 hours per week of online SIELE preparation classes.
  • SIELE exam registration fee included
  • Class materials included

Express Preparation
+ SIELE exam

155 Final price
  • SIELE Preparation Pack: Digital Dossier + Deferred Class
  • Administrative support to register for the exam
  • SIELE exam registration fee included
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