SIELE exam, official preparation course in Valencia

What is SIELE?


SIELE is the International Service for the Evaluation of the Spanish Language that certifies the degree of command of Spanish through electronic means aimed at studyingiantes and professionals from the five continents.

Su main goal es determine the degree de competence in the Spanish language in different communication skills. Through the use of electronic means.

The SIELE evaluates the skills of:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Auditive comprehension
  • Written expression and interaction
  • Oral expression and interaction.

It is promoted by the Instituto Cervantes, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca and University of Buenos Aires, which guarantees quality standards and good practices in the preparation of the tests, and the use of different linguistic varieties of the Hispanic world. 

The SIELE exam has the support of more than 80 associated institutions in more than 20 Latin American countries. These institutions support the quality of the exam content and recognize its importance in evaluating proficiency in Spanish as a second language. The support of these institutions positions SIELE as a reliable and internationally recognized test.

This is a official exam more than 75 partner universities and valid for access to many universities and companies.


Advantages of the SIELE exam:


Get the SIELE certificate demonstrate your level of proficiency in Spanish, which is especially valuable in the educational environment. Many universities in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries require a certificate of this type to access their degree programs y postgraduate.

It is also highly valued by professionals in fields such as teaching spanish such as, foreign language.

At labor sphere, have a SIELE certificate gives you a competitive advantage. Many companies are looking for employees with strong language skills, especially in international companies that work with Spanish-speaking countries.

SIELE certifies your abilities in reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and oral expression, which is highly valued by employers.

It is also a digital exam that is done on a computer, it is flexible and the candidate chooses the date and time.


When is the SIELE course?


We start the SIELE course EVERY MONTH.It lasts 4 weeks, 2 hours every day from 18:00p.m. to 20:00p.m.


Where can I take the SIELE exam?


Hispania, escuela de español is a SIELE exam center, so you can prepare with our teachers and take the exam at our school. 


What is the SIELE preparation course?


El SIELE preparation course is specific course so that the studyianmake you the SIELE exam and get the highest grade, since this exam is never failed, it always certifies a level reached.

It is a very intensive course that will help you to improve very quickly the 4 language skills and put into practice the grammar learned in general Spanish courses.

SIELE official exam preparation courses

SIELE Course + Exam

4 weeks
595 Final price
  • 10 hours of SIELE Preparation classes 
  • Administrative support for registering for the exam
  • SIELE exam registration fee included

Express Preparation
+ SIELE exam

155 Final price
  • SIELE preparation pack: Express preparation manual
  • Administrative support for registering for the exam
  • SIELE exam registration fee included
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