Spanish classes

En Hispania, escuela de español in our Spanish courses our studentsianYou have the opportunity to develop and refine your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

These courses focus on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, giving studentsianYou will have the necessary tools to communicate fluently in Spanish and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture.

I study themiantes experience a significant improvement in their language skills, allowing them to communicate effectively in everyday situationsianace and professionals.

We have a wide variety of Face-to-face courses to adapt to the needs of our students.

Spanish group classes where you will share experiences with other studentsianyou from different parts of the world.

Private individual classes where our teachers focus on those aspects of the language that the studentianwant you or need to improve.

Courses for the access of our students to the higher education in Spain. PAU preparation courses entrance exams to the university in Spain, as well as courses to prepare for access to a master's or higher degrees.

Professional Spanish courses, with different courses and workshops for personal training.

Fully personalized and focused on different professional areas, as needed.

Summer Courses to improve the level of Spanish and enjoy Valencia with a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities.

Spanish courses for children and teenagers where you learn Spanish enjoying recreational activities.

Spanish courses for families with children very varied and à la carte classes where all family members learn or improve their Spanish.

It is also possible to get official certifications, As the DELE exams y SIELE exam.

Courses for ELE teachers where did i study themianstudents learn new and effective teaching strategies that are followed by high school teachers. Hispania, escuela de español.

Learning Spanish is a growing trend and increasingly important in the global arena.

General Spanish

General Groups

The Spanish course you need to be able to speak like a native. You'll participate in group classes with other students from all over the world.

Private classes

Private classes are "à la carte" Spanish classes, in which your teacher will focus on the aspect you want or need to improve.

Preparation for official Spanish exams


The course you need to pass your DELE exam. With a very fast and intense learning pace, you'll study the different language skills through previous exam models and exam simulations.

SIELE exam

Intensive course that will help you improve very quickly the 4 language skills required to pass your official SIELE exam. It is a digital exam, everything is done by computer, being flexible to be able to choose

Access to higher education in Spain

Master's and Bachelor's Degree Preparation

A specific Spanish course designed to help you achieve access to university education in Spain for both undergraduate and master's degrees.

PAU preparation

A course designed to help you prepare for Spanish university entrance exams. You choose the subjects you want and we'll ensure your success.

Vocational Courses

Marketing and International Sales

Professional Spanish courses

Courses and Workshops for Professional Training

Personalised courses for individual students or groups, which can be combined with tutored internships, workshops for professionals and company visits. They can also be integrated into an academic program.

ELE training for Spanish teachers

ELE training

A practical-theoretical course aimed to train you to teach Spanish as a foreign language.


Summer courses

Improve your level of Spanish while enjoying a fantastic holiday in Valencia with a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities.

Spanish Plus

Take the opportunity to learn Spanish while enjoying other activities such as tennis or cooking classes.

Language stays for groups

Customise your study trip to Valencia for your group "à la carte" by choosing the number of classes, accommodation, activities, transfer and anything else the group requires.

Families and children

Spanish Courses for Children and Teenagers

Spanish courses for children and teenagers where they will enjoy learning Spanish whilst making friends from other countries, as well as taking part in recreational and cultural activities. An incredible experience in Valencia.

Spanish courses for families with children

“A la carte” Spanish courses for the whole family to enjoy and learn in our Spanish courses and enjoy the activities developed, making the most of the experience lived in Valencia.

Deluxe Courses

Personalised luxury courses

The perfect course for students who want more. Designed specifically to your requirements, so you can have a wonderful, unique and exclusive experience in Valencia.
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