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Statement Hispania, escuela de español (08/05/2020)

Special conditions for students and partners due to Covid19

Dear colleagues and partners,

Due to the interruptions of many students’ travel plans because of Covid19 and the resulting concerns, Hispania, escuela de español has implemented special conditions that will be valid during the Covid19 crisis.
We would also like to remind you of some conditions that have always been part of our philosophy and hope to that this information might give you and your students some assurance.

All our students and partner agencies have been informed on 16/03/2020, as soon as we were notified by the Government that we could not continue our on-site lessons, that they have the free choice between continuing their tuition online or saving their on-site classes and use them in the future.
Even in “regular times” since our foundation in 2002, lessons at Hispania, escuela de español never expire, i.e. our students can attend all the hours purchased at a later date of their convenience, without having to attend them during the time initially established. (The only exception is for students holding a student visa, as we have to comply with the regulations of the authorities.)

In order to offer students the opportunity to make the most of their time during the lockdown and continue studying Spanish, we offer interactive live online classes, during which they can meet and communicate with other students from over 80 different nationalities.
At Hispania, escuela de español – for our on-site classes and adapted to the digital environment of our online classes of the Comunidad Hispania – we use our own methodology, accredited by prestigious national and international institutions, such as the Instituto Cervantes and Eaquals, Excellence in Language Education. The Hispania Method focuses on student development and helping them improve their conversation and communication skills.

In our method’s philosophy, making mistakes is key to learning development. We aim to set a pleasant atmosphere that encourages students to take part in the (digital) classroom activities without the fear of being wrong.
For new students who would like to join, we offer three modalities (small groups, general groups and spectator), so that students can choose according to their budget.

Students who do not prefer to take online classes can use the remaining class hours when they wish and receive a voucher/credit note for them.
General Spanish classes purchased (and in this case the corresponding vouchers/credit notes) at Hispania, escuela de español never have an expiration date, that means, students can attend the lessons they bought anytime in the future.
The only exception is for students holding a student visa, as we have to comply with the regulations of the authorities. These students have to attend at least the 80% of the classes in the time delimited in their student visa. Once their student visa is expired, they can make up for a maximum of 20% of the remaining classes.
In order to support our partners and their students further, during the Covid19 crisis the Credit letters/Credit Notes will exceptionally be transferrable to other students of the agency.

Although we encourage students to postpone their studies (around 65% of our students have chosen online tuition), in some cases this is not possible and students ask for a refund.
Hispania, escuela de español is working in close cooperation with our partners to evaluate each case and ensure that our students receive their refund as soon as possible.
As we understand that students are not cancelling voluntarily, but because of flight restrictions or cancellations, travel bans and quarantine/lockdown related to Covid19, Hispania, escuela de español does not charge any cancellation fees during the Covid19 crisis and guarantees to make full refunds for courses starting until 30/08/2020.
Students who have already received a visa letter from our school will need to present the official visa refusal or the official visa withdrawal in order to receive the refund.

Our cancellation fee for accommodation bookings is only 150€, which is the equivalent of the cost for one week. Furthermore, we offer students who leave but who wish to return the possibility to cancel without any charge and use the remaining time in the accommodation whenever the wish to return.

Our team is in constant communication with our partners, and keeps them updated about the current situation in Spain and especially Valencia, new programmes and promotions.
Our partners receive the same % of commission for the online courses as for the on-site courses. If students decide to extend their courses directly in the school, we always inform their agents and they receive their full commission.
Although this is a difficult situation for all of us, we notice again first-hand what a positive impact the international community can have.
At Hispania, escuela de español we are deeply thankful for your continuous support and our wonderful partnership and it is more than ever a pleasure to work with you.
Please get in touch with us to receive further information or to share your point of view. Your opinion matters to us.
With kind regards from Valencia

Hispania, escuela de español


Kerstin Firnges (International Cooperation Executive): partners@hispania-valencia.com
Hispania, escuela de español. Valencia, Spain.

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