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 Please read the following rules carefully. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask us, we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

General conditions

  1. The only formal prerequisite for the enrolment in any of our courses is to be over 18 years old. Minors will require the authorization of their parents or legal guardians, as our company does not take responsibility over the students once they are outside the school premises. Minors who travel in groups will require the supervision of a monitor.
  2. The minimum and maximum duration of every course, starting dates and academic pre-requisites for enrolment will depend on each type of course. The students may find this information in our official website or in the informative documents our school provides regarding our
  3. The student’s level will always be evaluated through a written test before the start of the course. In case of disagreement with the results, the students will always be able to present their case in order to be re-evaluated with a written and oral test in order to determine their language
  4. Each General Spanish course will have a specific hour duration, which every student will acquire in the form of an hour pack following their enrolment in our school. The student may also make use of the school’s resources while he or she has an active hour pack. The hour pack will not be considered active if the student has put his course on hold. The DELE Preparation Course, Spanish Courses for University Access and Professional Training Course for Spanish Language Teachers , unlike the General English Courses, are hired for a specific period of time, that is why it is not allowed to make up for the classes you could not
  5. The hour pack does not have an expiration date, that means, students can attend the lessons they bought regardless the time they need to attend all of them. The only exception will be visa students, who will have to attend at least the 80% of the classes in the time delimited in their student visa. Once it is finished, they can only make up for a maximum of 20% of the classes they
  6. The number of hours the student will have to study at home is approximately equal to the number of weekly class hours. However, the school does not enforce the completion of these tasks. The school will only assign its students complementary homework if they want
  7. The groups of the Spanish General Course will always be arranged based on the student’s level, with no age, gender or nationality restriction. However, when possible, the school will try to make multicultural groups with students of similar ages and the smallest possible amount of individuals who speak the same
  8. Every class will have a 2 hour duration (1 hour and 55 minutes), with the exception of the PCEs Exam Preparation Courses for University Access, in which every class will have for 1 dedicated hour (55 minutes) for each
  9. Practical lessons, whenever they are included in a course, will always be overseen by a teacher, having been previously arranged. It will always be given to volunteer students who will attend the class for
  10. The school has 34 classrooms in which lessons are imparted, they are distributed between the main building and two adjacent classroom In addition, at times some classes are conducted outside the classrooms, either on the terraces or in other locations throughout city. These “special classes” will always be announced in advance, and the students will always have the choice of attending them or not voluntary. For this reason, our company will not be responsible of any circumstances that may occur during the development of these activities.
  11. In order to be promoted to a higher level, the school may ask the students to take a written and oral exam in order to confirm their language level. Students may ask to take this exam whenever they feel they are ready. It will be the school’s Academic Coordination department which will be in charge of preparing and correcting these exams.
  12. At the end of the course, students can receive a Course Attendance Certificate, which will include the level reached by the student, along with a detailed report of the acquired communication objectives and total number of hours attended. In order to receive this certificate, students will be required to have attended at least 80% of the classes. The other 20% may be taken in the future as General Spanish classes. If the student wishes to attend a different course, he or she will have to pay the price difference (an hour for an hour) between the General Spanish Course and the course he or she wishes to
  13. The “Acceptance Letter” for the course will be sent only once the student is enrolled in the school or extends the course. In case an overseas student still has class hours left over from a previous course, the “Acceptance Letter” will only count the number of hours for the new course. The school reserves the right to offer the student the possibility to use these hours left over from the first course during his next
  14. Holidays in which the school will remained closed will be published in our official website and in the news bulletin in the Classes corresponding to vacation days may be attended at a later date-

Enrolment and course booking:

  1. To confirm the booking, individual students must pay the complete program they want to book or they can do a first payment of 150€. In case of a first payment of 150€, students must pay the remaining amount the first day at the school with credit card or cash. If a student requires an “Acceptance Letter” from the school for their visa, the full amount must be paid before the letter is sent. Groups must pay 50% of the program to confirm the booking and complete a second payment with the remaining 50% at least 15 days before the arrival of the group to
  2. If a student asks for a booking confirmation from the school in order to apply for a scholarship, or an admission letter to get a visa, the full payment of the course will be needed. The refund of the course will not be possible, so the school will not apply the usual cancellation policy. In case of visa denial, please read point 4 of this
  3. In the event a course is cancelled by a student who doesn’t need a visa, the school will return the following amounts, depending on the time left until the course starts:
  1. After sending out the “Acceptance Letter” from our school, students who require a student visa will only be allowed to cancel their course under the following conditions:
    • If the visa is denied: the student will submit to the school an official letter from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate with the denial of the visa or an official document stating he/she has given up applying for the visa. In case of visa denial, our school may ask the student to submit an appeal to the Embassy or Consulate if it seems appropriate. The school will help to prepare the appeal if asked by the student. If the appeal is also denied, or if our school does not consider the appeal necessary, the student will receive a refund for the course and the accommodation,

In case the student does not get the student visa but is able to come with another type of visa, the management fees the school usually applies to the cancellation of the long-term course will be available for him/her as course credit.

The deadline to ask for a refund due to visa denial will be one year from the day the booking confirmation was issued. However, there will be no refund if the former is claimed later than the scheduled end of the course, which appears in the invitation letter. For this reason, the student is required to request from our school an annex to their invitation letter to postpone the start date of their course, if they are still waiting for the reply of the authorities regarding their visa status. If the student has not requested the annex to their visa letter to postpone the beginning of their course, the reference start date will be the one in the visa letter. Therefore, there will be no refund for the classes already passed in the moment when the request for the refund is made. According to this, all students who request a change of their visa to residence for studying (“estancia pore studios”) in the city of Valencia are required to start their course on the start date which figures in their visa letter, as our school will not refund the amount corresponding past classes, in case of a delay in the handling of the visa or a denial. If the student requests the student visa in the city of Valencia, the course start date can only be postponed if the new start date requested is follows the legal terms for obtaining the student visa in Valencia. In case of visa denial, to get a refund the same conditions as if the visa was requested in the home country of the student will be applied, moreover, the student must show his return to his home country sending his flight ticket and stamp on his passport, to receive the correspondent refund. The refund will be calculated taking into account the price for the lessons since the initial date of his course until the official denial document, the student is obliged to show this document after getting the official denial from Extranjería de Valencia.

The refund will be made in the same way as the course payment: payment by card, cancellation of the before mentioned payment; bank transfer, transfer to the account from which the payment was made.

If the visa is approved: The course may not be cancelled, and no amount may be returned for either the course or the accommodation. As the student has the obligation to attend the course, in case he or she does not attend, the school will contact the pertinent authorities and inform them of this development

  1. Our school will not be held accountable for any additional payments required to the students by agencies that collaborate with us. Therefore, any percentage of a payment that is returned to the student will be calculated using our standard prices (published in our official website), not considering any additional payment external to our
  2. If a course is interrupted or halted by the student once it has already begun, the school will not   be   able   to   refund   any   amount   for   the   remaining      However, the student will receive a voucher that includes the number of hours he or she has left, which will be redeemable whenever the student wishes to resume the classes. The school will not make any refunds on accommodation cancelations.
  3. Under no circumstance may the students trade or sell their remaining class In case one student assists to lessons using the identity of another student, our school will inform the authorities.
  4. The course start date may be postponed at any time if the student requires it, without any additional

Course and class booking procedures.

  1. Every student, once enrolled in the General Spanish Course, will have an hour credit, with which they can book their classes (calculated using the number of hours per week and total weeks of the course). For example: Intensive Course (10 hours per week) lasting 4 weeks = 40 hours
  2. Every student will be able to personally manage their class attendance and schedule weekly, therefore the number of hours of class per week may The only restrictions students might encounter when making changes to their schedule are the amount of classes scheduled for their level on a daily basis and the maximum quota of 10 students per class.
  3. Hour packs do not have limited time duration, except for students who have a student visa, who will be limited to the time specified in their visas. In case of renovation, by which we mean the purchase of a new course, a maximum of 20% of the hours from the previous course may be recovered (if not previously used). Students may make up for said hours only as General Spanish Course classes (or they could be changed by a course of greater amount paying the corresponding price), and they will not be counted in the Acceptance Letter from the
  4. The price per hour will vary in some courses depending on the total number of hours in the hour pack. Hour packs cannot be gathered to get a better price per hour. Once the hours of the pack have been used, the student can extend the course paying the same price per hour as the previous pack. In order to get a better price per hour the student should buy a bigger hour
  5. The hours purchased as part of a specific type of course may only be converted to hours of a different course by paying the difference in the price per hour for the new classes. If the course the student wants to change to is cheaper per hour than the current one, the difference in price will be used to purchase additional

Students who have purchased a Spanish Course for University Access may also attend the DELE preparation course, to which they will have access all throughout the academic year in which they have enrolled. Once this period is over, they may use their remaining hours as General Spanish Course classes.

  1. Students following a Spanish Course for the University Access – Standard Course can enjoy a DELE Preparation during the “academic year” that the student start the course. After this period the student only can use the remaining hours as a General Spanish Course.
  2. Every hour pack is personal and non- transferable, and therefore can’t be used by multiple students.
  3. In order to book or cancel classes on a weekly basis, the student will make use of the software provided by our school. From the beginning of the course, students will have at their disposal online tutorials on how to operate our software. The software offers students maximum flexibility, as they may manage their hour credit however they prefer, allowing them to make up for cancelled classes. The minimum period of time required to make a reservation or cancellation is 2 days before the class starts, which means that classes may not be changed the day before. If the student has not booked the class, he or she will have to ask permission at the front office before entering the classroom, as the maximum number of students permitted per lesson is If a student attends a class without having made a prior reservation, there is a chance that the lesson might contain material that the student has already studied.
  4. We ask the students to please arrive to class on time, so as to not interrupt their classmates. If the student arrives over 15 minutes late, the school may have given away his place in class to another student who, without having previously booked the class, asked to attend said class. If the maximum of 10 students is reached, the student who arrived over 15 minutes late will not be allowed to enter the
  5. We ask our students to please treat their classmates with respect and proper
  6. Eating inside the classrooms is not
  7. In case a student doesn’t follow the disciplinary rules, the school reserves its right to ask the student to abandon the course. In this case, there will be no
  8. Cancelling or booking classes for the following day is not For more information, please consult the SOFTWARE USE POLICY in our website.


  1. Our school acts only as mediator between students and property owners/hosting companies, in order to facilitate accommodations for students of Hispania, escuela de español. Our only role is as deposit takers of the payment made by the students and subsequently paid    to    the    owners    of    the    flats    or    hosting         If there is any dissatisfaction pertaining to the accommodations in which legal procedures need to be ensued, the school is not to be held responsible in any way. The full responsibility lies with the property owners or hosting companies, and not our school, which is completely unrelated. However, as part of the intermediary service our school provides, we guarantee to help students find new accommodations for no extra cost.
  2. Students will need to sign the documentation related to the accommodation, as required by the accommodation
  3. The cost of the accommodations is quoted on a weekly basis, from Saturday to Students can, however, enter and exit any day they wish, having paid for the extra nights if the stay is prolonged after Saturday.
  4. If a student books an accommodation that is linked to an admission letter to get a visa, no total neither partial refund will be accepted. In case the student visa is denied, the refund will be
  5. In case of a partial cancellation of the accommodation, the school will apply a penalty. The amount of this penalty will be 150€ and remaining amount will be refunded. If the fee of the period to be cancelled is lower than 150€, the penalty will be equal to the total fee for this period.
  6. It will be taken as initial date of the accommodation the one indicated on the enrolment, this date will also be stated on the letter of acceptance. Any change on the accommodation dates must be completed at least 15 days in advance before the starting date of the accommodation. Any change made with less than 15 days in advance to the starting date of the accommodation will have a surcharge of 100€. Moreover, our school will not be able to guarantee the booking (same duration and accommodation type), although the school will always offer an alternative to the student, that could have a different price to the one of the initial booking.
  7. If a student would like to extend his accommodation, it must be communicated and paid to the school before his accommodation ending date. However, school will only be able to ensure the continuity on the same bedroom or the availability of the first booking, not the extensions.
  8. The accommodation is exclusively for students who booked the accommodation. Visits or over-night stays must be notified and prepaid at the school. Please, also inform the school if you leave your bedroom during a period. Minors will not be allowed to stay at student apartments, unless they do so under the direct supervision of their monitors, who will have to assume legal responsibility for their
  9. The keys to the accommodations will be picked up depending on the arrival services chosen.
  10. On arrival, the student’s bedroom will always be available after 14:00 In case of early arrivals at the accommodation, students are free to wait in the common areas until the room is available.
  11. Students who arrive later than 21:00 hours must request the school’s transfer service. If not, the keys to the accommodation will not be given to them on that day. If they wish to spend that night in a hotel, the school may provide assistance for the booking process.
  12. A deposit of 100€ is mandatory when picking up the keys for the accommodation. In case there is any damage to the accommodation, the cost of the reparation will be deducted from the deposit. In order to receive the deposit refund, the student must return the keys to the accommodation and show the receipt for the deposit
  13. Upon checkout, the room must be clean, neat and available after 10:00  m.  Students may remain in the common areas of the accommodation during that day as long as they need.
  14. In specific cases, due to availability, we may offer a superior room, which is usually reserved for students who book a private bathroom and/or air conditioning, or share the room with a friend/travel mate. In these cases there would be no additional cost for this kind of rooms and the student may enjoy the extra services for the price of their standard booking. However, if there were a new booking that would require this room (booking “deluxe extras” or being a room that may be used by two students), our school reserves the right to ask the student to change the room. In this case we offer help and transport for free.
  1. During the stay in the accommodation the student will comply with the rules of cohabitation applied to all the students living in the shared apartments of the school. Non-compliance of these rules will result in the expulsion of the
  2. Our school can only guarantee the accommodation reserved by the student, i.e. the accommodation for the time which has been paid. In case that a student wishes to extend their accommodation, they would need to enquire for availability in the school. Therefore, the only way to guarantee the accommodation for the whole stay is to do the full payment for the complete stay. For long stay students, in order to offer a more flexible payment option for the accommodation, our school may accept the monthly payment of the accommodation, given that the student pays for the first three months in advance before check-in (to ensure the reservation). With this option, after the first month (end of first monthly payment), the student would pay the next month (equivalent to the forth monthly payment), and so on until the completion of the payment. However, in specific moments and because of demand in the accommodation our school might request the payment of a longer period of time or even the full payment in order to be able to guarantee the accommodation requested by the

Arrival Day:

  1. All Students will be informed about the timetable for their first lesson via email. Students are asked to arrive at the school 45 minutes before the beginning of the first lesson so they can be welcomed to the
  2. Students accommodated in a student shared flat, depending on the arrival services booked, must proceed as it is detailed here. Arrival services that can be arranged:
  1. Students with accommodation service will inform the school about date, time and travel details prior to their
  2. Students shall inform the school about any delays in the arrival. Maximum waiting time for the Smart or DeLuxe arrival will be 1 hour from the informed If the waiting time exceeds 22:00 hours, the night fee will be applied.
  3. Students arriving later than 21:00 hours must take a DeLuxe arrival or wait until 9:00 hours of the following day to go to their

Medical Insurance:

  1. If necessary, the school may offer its students free medical care from the school’s doctor. However, the school will not cover any medical expenses the students might require. For this reason, every student must have medical
  2. If required, the school can provide overseas students with medical insurance for an additional

Other school services: library and computer room

  1. The use of Library resources is free for every
  2. In order to borrow Library resources, students must leave a 30 euro deposit, which will be returned at the end of the course. The school may keep said deposit if the resources are returned damaged. The price for borrowing Library resources is:

-Books: 2 euros for 1 week.

-Movies: 2 euros for 3 days.

  1. Students may borrow a maximum of one book and one movie per person every
  2. The use of school computers is free for all our In case of high demand, we ask the students to please use the computer for no more than 15 minutes.
  3. The use of our internet connection is also free for our The school also provides a free wifi area that can be used by our students.

How to make a reservation:

  1. Through our website: https://hispania-valencia.com/en/calculate-your-course/
  2. By email: Please contact us at info@hispania-valencia.com
  3. At the school:

Hispania, escuela de español

Calle Cavanilles 6, Valencia 46010, Spain

  1. Bank details for bank transfers:

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