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Why be a Spanish teacher?

20 June, 2018 | Sin categoría

Next Monday, July 2, our ELE Teacher Course begins, in which you will learn all the keys to become a Spanish teacher.


Being a Spanish teacher is an exciting profession with a bright future


Curso Formación Profesores ELE Hispania, esucela de español

For those of us who love Spanish, it is a gift to be able to work every day teaching this wonderful language. The work of ELE teacher is very beautiful and exciting and these are some of the best reasons:

It is a very enriching profession in which you have every day the opportunity to be in contact with people from all over the world and to know and learn from different cultures while you are working. It’s like traveling without leaving the classroom!

To be a Spanish teacher is a multitasking job. Teaching class improvements in different skills such as: animation and motivation in the classroom, creativity in the classes, oratory and ability to speak in public, etc. The teacher’s first objective is for the student to learn and, above all, to be happy while doing it.

We train continuously with our teachers. We adapt our classes to the different students, to the current issues to debate and, in addition, we continuously introduce new audiovisual and material resources so that the students’ learning is enjoyable and attractive.

Cursos de Formación de Profesores de ELE


Why being a Spanish teacher is an excellent professional perspective?


Because Spanish is fashionable! It´s a language that doesn´t stop growing and is getting  increasingly important in the world.

Did you know that Spanish is the second language in the world by number of native speakers? Currently, 7.8% of the world population speaks Spanish! In addition, it is the third most used language on the Internet and the second language on social networks.

Therefore, there are many people who study Spanish now or consider doing it in the future.

Spanish is among the most studied languages; More than 21 million students study Spanish as a foreign language in the world. So the Spanish disputes the second position with the French and the Mandarin Chinese, behind the English.

With these numbers of students, qualified Spanish teachers are highly demanded both in Spain to teach Spanish to foreigners and in the rest of the countries of the world. Can you imagine working almost anywhere in the world?


Do you also want to work in one of the most beautiful professions in the world?


From Hispania escuela de español, once again, we are ready to work and preparing with great enthusiasm the next ELE Teacher Training Course – that will start on Monday, July 2.

We love being able to train those who dream of being Spanish teachers in our school and provide them with the necessary tools to help them make their dream come true.

Currently, our school is a world reference for learning Spanish, as shown by the different accreditations and memberships of national and international institutions (Instituto Cervantes, Eaquals, …), as well as the most prestigious awards in the sector that we have obtained in th recent years (ST Star Awards, EducationStars or iStudy Language School Award). All this is proof of the quality of the teaching of our teachers.

If you also want to dedicate yourself to teaching Spanish … surely our course will comply with your expectations!

We will gladly assist you in our email (info@hispania-valencia.com), by phone or at our reception if you want to sign up, or if you are thinking about it and have any questions or doubts. Here you can get a little more information.


We are waiting for you! 😉

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