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We are celebrating a workshop about Mediterranean tourism

25 June, 2018 | Sin categoría

At our school we are cheerful, friendly…and we are always smiling!

This week some of our students have attended an interesting workshop about the tourism in the Valencian Community. 

The workshop was organised by the Valencian Agency of Tourism (Agencia Valenciana de Turismo). The motto of the conference is Spread your hospitality and it’s about the Mediterranean hospitality as well as highlighting and promoting an open, friendly, cheerful and inclusive character of the entrepreneurs and the workpeople of the tourism sector of the community and the entire society.

The Valencian Community is an autonomous community that majorly relies on the tourism sector; every year the community receives 20 millions of tourists. This way it has become a pioneer region in launching an Ethical Code of Tourism (Código Ético de Turismo) to adjust this activity.

In the workshop the students were invited to reflect about ‘What makes us attractive as a touristic destination?’

taller sobre turismo y hospitalidad mediterránea

The answer is that our community embraces different types of tourism, for example:

Gastronomic (with reference dishes like valencian paella or the fideuá)

Cultural (thanks to its heritage or with the festivals like Fallas, known for Unesco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity)

Of the nature (with a total of 22 natural parks in the community, 524km of the coastline and more than 300 sunny days a year).

But what is the major attraction of the Valencian Community?

It’s the hospitable character.

taller sobre turismo y hospitalidad mediterránea

And what are the values that make us hospitable? The values exposed and commented at the workshop were these: we are authentic, happy, inclusive, reliable, innovative, thoughtful, sustainable and Mediterranean. All of these values are important and are present everyday actions like always receiving tourists with a smile and generating the necessary confidence when someone visits a different country.

The students left the workshop satisfied because they not only got to learn and reflect about the pillars of the Mediterranean tourism, but also had an opportunity to attend a conference in Spanish at the school where they were able to practise their comprehension of the language and exchange opinions.

At Hispania, escuela de español it is not enough for us to only give classes of Spanish. We want to make the stay of our students become a more complete experience. For this reason, we constantly encourage our students to enjoy and learn about the culture of our city as well as our country by organising trainings like this and other cultural and free time activities.

If you also want to enjoy the Hispania experience, look for the information about our vacation courses  which combine classes of Spanish together with spare time activities.


We are waiting for you in Valencia, the ambassador city of the hospitality!


taller sobre turismo y hospitalidad mediterránea

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