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Travelling to Valencia: 5 things you will love

28 May, 2020 | VALENCIA

The city of Valencia has a lot to offer, as its wide touristic, gastronomical, and cultural range conquers each visitor. In Hispania, escuela de español we love our city and we would like to share with you 5 things you will love in the Turia’s city. Keep reading!


The sun in the blue sky

One of the things that each visitor loves about Valencia is the sun. Our beloved city has more than 300 days of sun each year, as it is located in one of the less rainy areas in Spain. Winters are warm and summers are hot. In Valencia you will have the chance of enjoying the intense blue sky and the warm temperature almost all year round!

The perfect size of the city

Although it is one of the biggest cities in Spain, Valencia is a quiet city, far from the hustle and bustle that you will find in larger cities. Here you will find the services that big cities offer while you enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. The city of Valencia has been chosen as the city of well-being, so it is a perfect city for a short weekend trip, summer holidays, or relocating for some years.

Fine sand beaches

One of the great allures is the Valencian beach, which is well connected from the most emblematic monuments. Furthermore, Valencia has approximately 18 kilometres of fine sand beaches where you can walk around, enjoy the sun, swim, and try delicious Valencian dishes in a terrace or restaurant.

Excellent gastronomy

Gastronomy is one of the strong aspects of Spain, and in Valencia it couldn’t be otherwise. The paella, the most famous dish, has its origins in Valencia. There is a huge variety of combinations (cooked with fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables…) but the original one is the Valencian paella (you can guess it, right? ?). However, if you really enjoy sweet snacks in the afternoon, the horchata, the Valencian drink made with tiger nuts, will be the best choice.

The fusion of its monuments

Finally, we could not forget about monuments. Valencia has a great number of monuments of different styles and periods. Valencia will be the World Design Capital in 2002 and its architecture patrimony has influenced a lot on it, as the fusion of different style monuments is present in the city. The fact is evidenced by the City of Arts and Science, Saint Nicholas Church (known as the Valencian Sistine Chapel), the city hall, and the Veles e Vents building.

If you think of visiting Valencia and you would like to improve or learn Spanish, you cannot miss our course catalogue. We are sure that you will discover the city of Valencia with Hispania, escuela de español as you have never done before!

Article written by Chelo Caballero for Hispania, escuela de español


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