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The five essential places if you are in Valencia

6 September, 2019 | VALENCIA

If you are enjoying a wonderful stay in Valencia, you certainly want to take advantage of every opportunity that the City offers you. To make sure that you have visited the most incredible places or that you will see them, Hispania, escuela de español gives you an overview of the five places that you should not miss when visiting this beautiful Mediterranean city. Are you Ready?


Go up to “el Miguelete”

El Miguelete is one of the mostly liked towers by Valencia’s inhabitants, because there are so many curious stories about it and in addition it is the best viewpoint of the city. If you climb this tower, you can watch all the beauty of the views of Valencia: la plaza de la Virgen y de la Reina, la plaza del Ayuntamiento and the hundreds of spectacular buildings and monuments, that are decorating every street of Valencia. … By the way, are you fit enough to climb the 207 steps of the tower? Do not panic, it is really worth it. If you arrive at the top and look around you, you will fall in love with our beautiful city.

Clima en Valencia, soleado. Hispania, escuela de español 2

City of Arts and Sciences

If you are a lover of futuristic design “la Ciudad de als Artes y las Ciencias” is something you shoud not miss for any reason. It is a huge architectural complex designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, located at the end of the old Turia riverbed. In there you can enjoy the Príncipe Felipe museum of Science, where you will learn everything about the history and the contributions of science with latest technology or with the Hemispheric, where movies are projected by IMAX or also the Oceanográfic, one of the biggest aquariums in Europe, where you can sleep surrounded by real sharks. Will you dare?

See the tightest house of Europe 

If you are going for a walk through the charming barrio del Carmen and you arrive at the plaza Lope de Vega, you will see a curious house, which has a width of only 107 centimeters. It is the tightest house in whole Europe and the second tightest house from all over the world; only the so-called „Casa del Metro“ in Brazil surpasses it with a width of 100 Centimeters. This house, is now connected to the bar which is right next to it and its owner has changed it into a museum of this tight curiosity.  A long time ago, there was a family living in there and on each floor was a different room. The first floor was the dining room, the second the bathroom, the third and the fourth were a dorm. So are you really going to leave Valencia without visiting this small house?

The Central Market

You can not leave Valencia without visiting el Mercado Central. In there you can find all the natural and typical products of our country with the best quality. You will feel like you are totally immersed in the taste of the Mediterranean.  Furthermore, you will find many shopkeepers working in the 1200 places, motivated to explain you everything that you need to know about the products they offer. But the gastronomy is not the only reason why you should visit it, it is also an architectural jewel. This building with more than 8000 square meters has a dome covered with colorful mosaics that create a magical play of light inside of the building. Furthermore, its majestic facade is a true work of art. You will not regret your visit.

Exposición SorollaThe river Turia

Did you know that Valencia had an immense river which is now an incredible natural park? Yes, you have read correctly! In 1960 the river Turia was diverted to prevent the city from floods and its 120 hectares were used to build one of the largest natural parks in Spain. Walking through this park is something you have to do when visiting Valencia, you will fall in love with its different species of trees and flowers, the great statue of Gulliver, which is full of slides that not even adults can stop going down, bridges of different styles that offer access to the city and to may more surprises of nature!

If you want to know what curious story happened in the tower of Miguelete, if you want to do some yoga or do a biking tour along the river Turia, if you want to visit la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias participating in all is activities or go to the Torre del Miguelete to see the city from another perspective, then you have to come to Hispania, escuela de español because we have all the activities which will allow you to become an expert about Valencia. Andi f you also want to improve your Spanish skills, get to know our incredible Spanish courses. We are expecting you!

This article is written by Rita Rodríguez Varela for Hispania, escuela de español.

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