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The climate of Valencia

19 June, 2019 | VALENCIA

Do you know the climate of Valencia?

Do you want to learn Spanish while enjoying a nice sunshine?

Do you know the most famous sayings about time?

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I don’t know how it is in your country, but in Spain we love to talk about the time of day. Therefore, it is the most popular conversation. In the elevators when and when we enter a store the ‘good morning’ is always accompanied with a ‘how hot! Or ‘How cold!’. We have made talking about temperatures become almost a national sport practiced by all.

The temperature is always between 6 º C and 30 º C and usually does not rise or fall of those degrees, so Valencia has a really nice climate. Even when it’s cold, the sky of our city never loses its intense blue colour. Rare are the days when we find grey skies; It is a region without a lot of clouds covering the sun, which will make you want to enjoy your day with a lot of vitality and optimism.

And if this is not enough, you should know that Valencia is among the least rainy areas in the country, so if you like to enjoy the sun and the beach, this is your ideal place to go.

Hispania terraza superior

Did you know that studying Spanish while getting a nice tan is possible? Come and enjoy the sun, sitting on the incredible terrace of Hispania, escuela de español!

Our students love to go to the school terrace during their free time after Spanish classes or for lunch and some good coffee during breaks. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to meet new colleagues who, like you, are eager to practice and improve their Spanish.

To make your experience as pleasant, educational and fun as possible, I will present you some wonderful sayings that will make you look like the king of meteorology. Are you ready?

In February the dog seeks shade (En febrero busca la sombra el perro)

Although one might expect this refrain to refer to the summer months, the fact is that during the month of February there are many anticyclonic situations, so it is usual for the nights to be cold and the days to have very pleasant temperatures. Many mornings I wake up and I look at the astonishing sky while I drink my first coffee because Valencia almost has its spring mornings already.

Until the fortieth of May do not take off your coat (Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo)

Before, people dressed in a dress, a kind of inner shirt that covered their entire body to the knees. And although from April on we all want to get our summer clothes, popular wisdom advises us to wait a little longer because, if the days are already hot, the nights are still a bit cool until June.

The bad weather, good face (Al mal tiempo, buena cara)

This is a saying that is used very often, possibly due to the calm and optimistic nature of the Spaniards. It is used when we want to give encouragement to a person who is going through a bad situation. Although is bad weather, although we have problems, nothing can prevent us from seeing life with a positive attitude as if it were a huge sun.

If you want to learn many sayings and more words about the climate of Valencia, come and visit our website where you will find all our Spanish courses … and book the Spanish course that you like the most!

Article written by Rita Rodríguez Varela for Hispania, escuela de español.

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