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The Best movies to learn Spanish

26 July, 2018 | Cinema , LEARN SPANISH , Tips

Would you like to watch movies in Spanish to improve it but you dont know where to start? Today we help you to learn Spanish with a list of Spanish movies.

When you are learning a new language it is very important to practice your auditory while listening to local people speaking. Watching movies is a fun and very rewarding way to improve your Spanish and get to know the culture and history of the country.

According to your level of Spanish, we recommend you the following movie titles to learn Spanish.

  • If your level of Spanish is initial or basic (levels A1 and A2) you can practice the Spanish grammar and vocabulary with the movie ‘El laberinto del fauno’ (2006). This film of the fantasy genre directed by the mexican Guillermo del Toro takes place in the Spanish postwar period (year 1944). You will expand vocabulary related to the family and the history of Spain.

laberinto fauno. aprender español

Other titles suitable for the same level are: ‘Tesis’ (1996), ‘Los ojos de Julia’ (2010) and El Orfanato’ (2007) if you like the cinema of suspense and mystery. ‘Perdiendo el norte’ (2015) for lovers of comedy or ‘Tres metros sobre el cielo’ (2010) if you are in the mood for Spanish romantic cinema.

  • For more advanced Spanish levels (B1 and B2), we suggest the film ‘Azul oscuro casi negro’ (2006) by the Spanish director Daniel Sánchez Arévalo. With this movie you will be able to practice several tenses and verbal modes of Spanish grammar that you already know by your level (imperative, past, subjunctive …). In addition, while watching this movie you will learn a little more about the jargon and expressions used by young people.

azul oscuro casi negro aprender español

He also points out these names of films for the same level: ‘Mar Adentro’ (2004) by director Alejandro Amenábar or ‘Los crímenes de Oxford’ (2008) and ‘La Comunidad’ (2000), both directed by Álex de la Iglesia.

  • And finally, if your level of Spanish is C1 or C2 we recommend the Oscar-winning ‘Todo sobre mi madre’ (1999) by director Pedro Almodóvar. With this film reference of Spanish cinema you will practice colloquial vocabulary, different verbal modes, subordinate phrases, etc.

todo sobre mi madre aprender español

If you want to continue with the film session we propose more titles for levels C of Spanish as the police ‘La Isla Mínima’ (2014), ‘Celda 211’ (2009) or movies that portray episodes of the history of Spain as ‘Juana la Loca’ (2001) and ‘Belle Époqué‘ (1992) by director Fernando Trueba.

Go ahead and watch movies in Spanish! Almost without noticing you will improve the level you acquire with your Spanish classes.

In this post we share appropriate movies at each level because of the complexity of the frames or because of the speed and difficulty in the dialogues. Have you seen any Spanish movie that is not on this list? Tell us which one and share your opinion with other students.

In Hispania, escuela de español we want you to be very happy while learning Spanish and improve your Spanish quickly. So choose a movie, prepare your ears, pencil and paper as well as popcorn and … hit the play! 😉


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