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News Hispania Escuela de Español / July 2018

1 August, 2018 | HISPANIA NEWS

Discover everything we have done this month!

Newsletter july 2018

Summer is the perfect time to learn Spanish in Spain!

In summer, our school is more active than ever! All the different areas of our school (did you know that we have two terraces in the chalet and an amazing cinema?), our classrooms, receptions, and hallways are filled with new faces.

Faces from all around the world, since Hispania, escuela de español receives students from more than 80 different countries! All of them have something in common though: their smiles show the happiness and excitement of the new experience of learning Spanish.

Every Monday we welcome new students from all over the world who have chosen to spend their study trip in our school and the amazing  city of Valencia.

Why Spain? Why Valencia? Because of the Spanish language, that enchants every day more and more people, for its climate (we have 300 sunny days a year and great beaches), its people, its cuisine, its history, its culture… and thousands of other reasons!

Do not hesitate to come and meet us 😉


Our beautiful school and wonderful teachers welcomed numerous students ready for the DELE EXAM in July

The summer has arrived at Hispania, escuela de español and along with the summer, comes the expected July call of the DELE exam, the official title that certifies the degree of competence and mastery of Spanish. This title is awarded by the Cervantes Institute of Spain on behalf of the Ministry of Education of Spain.

After weeks of preparation, our students were eager for this day to come and we’ve been sharing their excitement.


The exam took place on Friday, July 13 in our new classroom building. It was the first time that the oral and written tests of the DELE exam took place in these brand new classrooms and they made a debut in style!

In the photos you can see how beautiful, happy and proud the teachers were, who formed the DELE examination team for this call.

Our school being also the exam center for the DELE exams is an advantage for our students, since it is more comfortable for them and being “at home” they feel more confident while passing the exam.

Every year our students get excellent results, and we are convinced that our students did also great this time!



The Hispania team inaugurates new offices

Nuevas Oficinas. Administración, Hispania, escuela de español

We recently inaugurated a brand new spacious, modern and comfortable work space for our team. The new “Hispania house” is designed and tailor-made for the best team in the world ;). We are already more than 50 in this great family!

The new offices are located next to the school’s classroom buildings, and in addition to the office space and staff room, our team of teachers, academic coordination, administration and management  has a kitchen and a dining room for team breaks.

NuevasOficinas. Hispania, escuela de español

Each and every team member who makes up our wonderful Hispania team is essential for the proper functioning of the school, and we say THANK YOU to everyone contributing to making Hispania, escuela de español the happiest school in the world.




The new spaces of our school are a test of how we grow day after day. Hispania, escuela de español, is a world reference school for teaching Spanish that is committed to continuous improvement in order to continue growing.

Do you like the new “Hispania house”?


Summer fun and leisure time activities continue at our school

Every week we offer a huge variety of activities 

This summer our students have been enjoying more cultural and leisure activities than ever: tours around the city, visits to museums, excursions, sports, nature, gastronomy, concerts and workshops …

Our students have fun, get to know their fellow classmates, learn Spanish and discover Valencia.  But we better tell you with pictures, as a picture is worth a thousand words 😉


What fun it is to learn Spanish in Hispania, escuela de español!


Discover why we are the favourite Spanish school! 

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