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News Hispania, escuela de español | December 2019

7 January, 2020 | HISPANIA NEWS

December has been a magic month at Hispania, escuela de español. The year 2019 has brought us countless good news and precious moments and we close this fantastic year celebrating Christmas with our students in a very special way.

Feliz Navidad en Hispania, escuela de español

We have prepared a video that shows the Christmas spirit of our school.

We have prepared a video that shows the Christmas spirit of our school.

The Christmas video has become a real tradition and every year all students and the whole team of our school participate. Thanks to everyone for being part of it!

This year, to the rhythm of the song Todo lo que quiero eres tú, we show the story of our student Jay, who decides to live the Hispania experience in Valencia in December and the result is… learning a lot of Spanish, meeting many friends from all around the world and enjoying magic moments.


portada vídeo navidad

Christmas at Hispania, escuela de español is joy, smiles, friendship, celebrations, fun, happiness, Christmas carols. Do not miss all the fun we have had this month! 😉

We share the Christmas traditions of Spain with our students from all around the world

The celebration of Christmas in Spain begins every year with the National Christmas Lottery on 22 December.

In our beloved school, we also adopt this tradition and make our students join our very own ‘Hispania, escuela de español Christmas Lottery’.

The students always have a lot of fun sharing this tradition with their teachers and classmates and wait with anticipation which numbers have been awarded and which students are the lucky winners.

The teachers of the school, joyful and funny as usual, are in charge of singing numbers and to acquaint the students with the popular children of San Ildefonso.

Loteria Hispania 2019

You also hear traditional Christmas music at Hispania: “¡Alegría, alegría, que llegó la Navidad!

Every Christmas we celebrate our popular ‘Hispania Christmas Carol Contest’. It’s a great event, in which the most favourite ‘villancicos’, Spanish Christmas carols, invade our school and get us all in the Christmas mood with their joy and rhythm.

The students prepare together with their classmates one ‘villancico’ and delight us with their performance on the day of the big competition. Hispania’s teachers also participate in the competition and show their talents. Some of the chosen songs this year were ‘La Marimorena’, ‘Mi burrito sabanero’ o ‘Hacia Belén va una burra’. Do you know these Spanish Christmas carols? 😉

In this competition, prizes were awarded for completing challenges such as the most complicated grammar, the best presentation or the best pronunciation. 😉

For most of our students, it was the first time that they had the courage to sing in Spanish and they were doing great. Give it up for all of them!

Villancicos Hispania, escuela de español 2019

 We enjoyed Spanish classes and Christmas activities in the city centre

Valencia is a very beautiful city and during Christmas time even more! The historic city centre puts on lights and colours and the whole city has a special glow during this time of year.

Our students enjoyed the Christmas ambience of Valencia with a fun and hands-on experiential Spanish lesson in the city centre. They learned a lot of Spanish while they toured the city centre, enjoying different games, activities and competitions.

Furthermore, with the programme of cultural and free time activities of the school, our students took a Christmas tour in the city centre of Valencia, along with a tasting of hot chocolate and churros. Delicious!

Tour Navideño

We close this newsletter with a toast to all the good things that 2019 brought us and everything that is waiting for us in 2020!

As the song of our video says, “you are our most precious present”. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for sharing another year with us.

We are sure that 2020 will bring us a lot of happiness, great moments and surprises and a lot of motivation to continue learning Spanish.

Happy 2020!

Feliz año 2020 Hispania, escuela de español

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