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“Harry Potter” The exhibition arrives to Valencia

6 March, 2019 | Activities , VALENCIA

If you are a lover for magic, there are four words that you should remember:

Harry Potter, Valencia, April.

harry potter todos personajes

Yes, it is not a fantasy, it is reality! The city Valencia will host “Harry Potter, The Exhibition” at the Museum of Sciences of Valencia next April 2019. Our beloved Valencia will be the second Spanish city to host this event. The exhibition in Madrid received 460.000 visits during its four months. Previously, it was exhibited in cities such as Chicago, where the tour began in 2009, in Brussels, Shanghai, Sweden, Singapore, Sydney, Milan, Seattle, Toronto, Boston, New York, Edmonton, Cologne, Paris, the Netherlands and Tokyo. Don’t you think that’s incredible?

Harry Potter exhibición Valencia abrilThe Valencia exhibition will consist of more than 1.500 square meters that will include objects and artifacts used in the film, scenarios used by the characters. In the large pace dedicated to the event, you will find several configurations inspired by the common room of Gryffindor, the Forbidden Forest, the Hagrid’s hut and much more!

One of the funniest activities consists of dramatic exhibitions of some scenes from the films of the most famous wizard in the entire world. Who wants to miss that?

To let you fully enjoy this great experience that approaches Valencia, I will show you some spanish words related to magic:

Barajar: Mix the cards

Hechizo: magical act to change reality with supernatural procedures.

Ilusionismo: create an illusion that the public accepts.

Palabras mágicas: the most famous is Abracadabra, a word used by some primitive tribal groups in Europa and a word that is still used in magic tricks.

Pócima: drink made from various herbs that have magical powers.

Predecir: know something that will happen in the future.

Prestidigitación: ability to do trick with the fingers.

Truco: product effects in the practice of illusionism.

Varita mágica: each magician has a magic wand that he uses to make his spells.

And now a little grammar!

Did you know that there is a very special verb in Spanish that magicians use?

It is the verb of change CONVERTIR(SE) (convert) EN (in):
The verbs of change serve to express the transition from one state to another. In the case of ‘becoming’ it is a very strong change, of a radical transformation. Than we can only use it with nouns.

You can talk about some aspects of people’s lives, such as profession or beliefs:
Naoko se convirtió en la recepcionista más amable y divertida de Valencia.
Naoko became the friendliest and most fun receptionist in Valencia.

But you can also use it to express MAGIC:
Harry Potter convirtió a sus enemigos en sapos.
Harry Potter turned his enemies into toads.

Harry Potter en la terraza de Hispania, escuela de español

Don’t leave! Because I’m going to present you another part of the very super national grammer:
As you know, conditional sentences establish a condition that must be met for the other action to occur.

In the case of the interesting and simple sentence Conditional Zero, the speaker expresses total security; that’s why when we use it we feel capable of everything, even to achieve incredible things:


If I want, I fly over Hispania, escuela de español‘s terrace.

If I start studying in Hispania, escuela de español, I learn and have a lot of fun.

And you? Do you dare to try the magic of studying Spanish? Come and prove it!

Article written by Rita Rodríguez Varela for Hispania, escuela de español.

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