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Curiosities of “Las Fallas” in images

26 February, 2019

THE FIRST GRAPHIC DOCUMENT Surely you’re already beginning to hear many things about las fallas, but do you know what the first graphic document is that has proof of this party? In the ‘Calendario pintoresco, profético, astrológico y lunático del Reino de Valencia‘ from 1860 is the first graphic document regarding Las Fallas. In this […]

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Ten tips you should know about the “Fallas” of Valencia

13 March, 2019

1 The origin Surely at this point of your stay in Valencia, you’re already wondering what the origin of this famous party is that is about to start. We have collected data that allows us to trace the birth of this beautiful tradition: During the middle of the 17th century, it was a tradition that bonfires […]

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