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The incredible curiosities that you didn’t know about Valencia

13 September, 2019

Students that come to Valencia to live a great experience and a perfect linguistic and cultural immersion, are always willing to know and take advantage of everything that the city offers them. For this reason, I am going to tell you some of the most curious things about Valencia so that you can become an […]

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What to do in Valencia at the weekend (28-29 september)

27 September, 2019

Are you going to spend the weekend in Valencia and you want to enjoy your free time to continue discovering the city and its surroundings while practicing Spanish? Then, you cannot miss any of these two activities that we have selected from Hispania, escuela de español. The Champions Burger The Champions Burger event takes place […]

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What to do in Valencia at the weekend (26-27 october)

24 October, 2019

Valencia has a great tourist and cultural offer, from concerts to gastronomic and sporting events, visits to other cities… Therefore, if you are going to spend this weekend in Valencia, you cannot miss any of the following activities: ALICANTE AND GUADALEST One of the advantages of living in Valencia is that the city is well […]

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Travelling to Valencia: 5 things you will love

28 May, 2020

The city of Valencia has a lot to offer, as its wide touristic, gastronomical, and cultural range conquers each visitor. In Hispania, escuela de español we love our city and we would like to share with you 5 things you will love in the Turia’s city. Keep reading!   The sun in the blue sky […]

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Studying at university in Valencia

19 June, 2020

A growing number of people are deciding to study at a university in Spain. However, choosing where to move to start a new university life is a difficult decision to make. Are you thinking about studying at a university in Valencia? Would you like to know why you should study at university in Valencia? Then […]

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Valencia a green city

15 July, 2020

Valencia is a quiet city thanks to its parks and gardens are located around different areas of the city, and that are totally integrated with the daily life of their inhabitants. Would you like to meet which are the main parks and gardens that have made Valencia a green city for all those who love […]

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