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10 proverbs in Spanish that you have to know

18 July, 2018

Surely once talking to a Spanish person you have heard phrases like “a quién madruga Dios le ayuda” or “perro ladrador poco mordedor” and haven’t understood very well what they meant. These are proverbs and popular sayings. What is a proverb? It’s a short phrase of popular origin which is traditionally repeated and expresses an […]

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The 7 most important Spanish sayings about weather and climate

11 September, 2018

Within the large number of proverbs that make up the Spanish proverb, many of them refer to time and weather. Why? Because it was very important for the work in the field and agriculture, since depending on the weather the harvests could be good or bad. These sayings warned about the weather or remembered dates. […]

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The funniest phrases in the Spanish language!

6 February, 2019

Did you know that besides being one of the biggest languages, Spanish is also a very funny language?  Discover some of the funniest Spanish phrases! ? In Spanish we can find sayings such as ‘Better a bird in the hand, than a 100 flying’ and expressions like ‘Being on the moon’ (about something). But in […]

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The sportiest expressions in Spanish

6 September, 2019

Do you like sports? Do you want to get to know the weirdest Spanish expressions when talking about sports? Then you should really read this article. It’s not uncommon that you hear students saying that they have come to Spain because they love soccer and because they want to see the matches of their favorite […]

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The most delicious expressions of Spanish

14 October, 2019

Still don’t you know the best Spanish expressions related to food? Don’t wait anymore and come to find them out! It is not a secret that in Spain we love go out to eat with family and friends, talk about food and new culinary discoveries or cook thousand dishes for our guests. For this reason, […]

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The 5 craziest comparisons of Spanish language

12 November, 2019

Do you know that spanish in addition to be a beautiful languge, is also very funny? I want to tell you five of the most relevant comparisons. Spaniards are characterized for having a great sense of humour. We like to laugh! We laugh of ourselves, of the little things of the day, of the politics, […]

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