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Do you know who the most beloved Argentine girl in the world is?

11 February, 2019

A very fun way to improve our reading skills and our knowledge about Spanish culture when we study Spanish, is to read comics. Therefore, today I would like to introduce you to a girl who is going to change your life: Mafalda! This comic was created by a graphic humourist called Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better […]

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The legend of the Patriarch’s dragon

31 May, 2019

Do you know one of the most famous legends of Valencia? Do you know where to find the patriarch’s alligator? Come here to find it out! Today I would like to explain you a curious legend that is part of the History of Valencia: the legend of Patriarch’s dragon! If you walk down calle Universitat, […]

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Money Heist, learn Spanish with the best Spanish series

18 June, 2019

Do you still not know the most famous spanish serie in the whole world? Would you be able to take millions of euros from a bank? One of the great advantages of studying a language is that it is something we can do anywhere and in any way and this is something that Hispania, escuela […]

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Joaquín Sorolla, the universal Valencian painter.

16 September, 2019

Are you in love with Joaquín Sorolla paintings? Would you like to know more about this brilliant painter? Come to find out more about his life and art in Hispania, escuela de español. If you are Valencian or you are enjoying a wonderful stay in Valencia, it is certain that you know that Valencia is […]

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What to do in Valencia at the weekend (21-22 september)

19 September, 2019

The weekend is coming! And in Hispania, escuela de español we have selected two activities to continue discovering the city of Valencia. Do you want to know what they are? Then, keep reading! World Paella Day The weekend is coming! And in Hispania, escuela de español we have selected two activities to continue discovering the […]

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Who is the winner of the 2019 Planet Award?

23 October, 2019

When we learn a new language, every incentive is good for practice it and find out all the different things that help us to become a real expert. We want to tell you some ideas that can help you to improve your Spanish, as start reading a book in Spanish. The writer we want to […]

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