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Advantages of learning Spanish in Spain

11 July, 2018 | LEARN SPANISH

Studying a language in your country of origin isthe fastest, easiest and most effective way to learn a language. In addition to attending class or studying on your own, when it comes to learning a language being in touch with the culture and language in use is very important. Listening to the language in your day to day and having to communicate using it in your everyday environment makes your learning multiply.

There are many benefits of studying abroad; every day you will learn constantly and in a simpler way, almost without realizing it. What are you waiting for to learn Spanish in Spain?

Why study Spanish in Spain?

Spanish is among the most studied languages; More than 21 million students study Spanish as a foreign language in the world. Thus, the Spanish disputes the second position with the French and the Mandarin Chinese, behind the English.
Now that you know that you want to study the language of Cervantes, what better to study this beautiful language in its place of origin? In Spain the language was born and it was exported to the rest of the world that today speaks Spanish.
Below, we list some of the advantages of choosing Spain as a destination for studies:

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  • Complete immersion into the Spanish culture: First-hand knowledge of the country, people, Spanish culture as well as customs or local festivities will help you feel integrated and facilitate learning. With your experience in Spain, you will expand knowledge about another country, which will give you a more open and enriched mentality. In short, endless experiences that as a student you will take advantage of and enjoy.


  • Fun and leisure in Spanish: You can perform a wide variety of leisure, cultural and sports activities, all of them in Spanish! It is the most fun way to learn the language and you will make many new friends.


  • The weather and beaches are fabulous: Spain has one of the best climates in Europe and has more than 5,900 kilometers of coastline! Hispania, escuela de español is located in Valencia, perfect city to enjoy both, as well as a great leisure environment, activities for students and nightlife.


If you have doubts about which city to choose to study Spanish, another of the advantages of Valencia is that it is a cheaper city than Madrid or Barcelona, so the quality of life is higher.


  • The Spanish cuisine is excellent and is one of the reasons that attracts visitors and tourists. If you study in Spain for a season you will have time to enjoy it. 😉


  • In Spain you can have native teachers specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. At our school, we have a large team of teachers who follow the Hispania method so you can enjoy learning Spanish in the classroom. All classes are completely in Spanish from the first day, so you will learn very fast. In addition, while living in Spain you will continue learning since you leave the classroom. In your daily life (shopping, restaurant, cinema, …) you will practice all the Spanish that you learn in class.


  • Would you like to have your first work experience in Spanish? Your stay in Spain is the ideal time. You can combine your Spanish classes with a job. Also, facing the future, your knowledge of Spanish will help you in your professional career, since foreign languages ​​are always a plus in the curriculum vitae and having studied it in your own country, much more! Knowing Spanish will open many doors for you. Go ahead and make your Spanish perfect in Spain.


  • Another benefit of studying in Spain is that you can travel around the country and know its different cities; Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao … Spain is a country full of contrasts and differences, in terms of landscapes, customs or gastronomy, and with a great variety of popular festivals, that is why it is so interesting in the moment of travel. You will want to know every corner of Spain!


If you have any questions before coming to study in Spain, do not hesitate to ask us. In Hispania, escuela de español we will attend you and we will be happy to help you.
See you in Valencia! 😉


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