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6 Tips for living with a host family

7 August, 2018 | LEARN SPANISH , Tips

Staying at the home in a Spanish host family has many advantages. Sharing your day to day with local people will help you adapt quickly to your new language and country. In this post we want to give you some tips to make the most of this experience. Welcome to your new home!

familia anfitriona hispania

    1. Positive relationship with the family: It is very important to talk with your new family, to participate in their daily activities, to make them know your taste (and you theirs), your class schedules, your routines, if you have any allergies that they should know … With these small initial conversations you will get confidence and later you will have no problem to talk about any topic with your Spanish family.


    1. Have a detail and be grateful: You can buy something typical or a souvenir from your country before coming to Spain to give it to the family the day of your arrival. It does not have to be very expensive, just a detail. This small gift is a way to thank the family for receiving you and will make them remember you when you return to your country. In addition, they will value your gesture and effort. In your day to day try to be grateful and kind to the family.


    1. Communicate with the family: A good time to chat with the family are meals and dinners. Sharing moments around a table brings a lot of people together and these little conversational minutes are perfect for practicing Spanish and learning new words. Tell them how your Spanish classes are going, the plans you have with your friends for the weekend, etc. Do not be ashamed! Also, speaking at home you will hear many everyday expressions and phrases that are not in the books.


    1. Respect the schedules: Accept the schedules, although they are different from those of your country, it is part of the new experience and culture that you are living. Also, keep in mind that your new family cares about you. For example, if you do not arrive in time for dinner or one day you will arrive later than usual at night do not forget to tell the family.


    1. Be tidy: It is also important to keep your room tidy and take care of it as well as to respect the house of the family in which you are living. Everything on your site allows you to enjoy more of the spaces. Surely you feel at home! 😉


    1. Enjoy differences and cultural exchange: Do not be afraid to do new things. The unknown is not better or worse, it is simply different. Local food? Yes! New customs? Yes! Knowing new cultures will make you learn many things and have a more open mind. Squeeze this experience to the fullest! Thus, when finished, you will have learned and enjoyed a lot.


    familia anfitriona hispaniaWe hope these tips will help you in your first experience in Spain. In Hispania, escuela de español, we are delighted to welcome you in Valencia and accompany you in the adventure of learning Spanish and getting to know the Spanish culture.


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