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5 reasons why you should prepare your DELE examination in the Comunidad Hispania

26 May, 2020 | LEARN SPANISH

Currently, many people are thinking of taking an online DELE Preparation course before taking the exam. But what is the first step? In this post, we would like to share with you 5 reasons why you should prepare your DELE examination in the Comunidad Hispania. Keep reading!


  1. Virtual interactive international environment

Online DELE preparation courses in the Comunidad Hispania take place in a digital platform that allows students to enjoy a virtual interactive environment. Lessons are live and communication between teachers and students of more than 80 different countries is guaranteed.

  1. Specialised teachers

In the Comunidad Hispania, teachers have been trained in Hispania, escuela de español, which has more than 18 years of expertise in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Thanks to the Comunidad Hispania, great professionals in teaching Spanish to foreigners will go into your home to teach you Spanish and help you to easily prepare your DELE examination from anywhere in the world.

  1. Accredited by Instituto Cervantes

Hispania, escuela de español is an accredited center by Instituto Cervantes, which gives international recognition as it means that the school is committed with the quality of its services and constant improvement. We know that taking an official exam is a very important decision. Therefore, in the Comunidad Hispania you will have the best quality guarantees in your Spanish courses. Furthermore, if you want, you can choose our school in Valencia as an examination centre for taking your exam!

  1. Flexibility

In the Comunidad Hispania we all know that not every candidate has the same goals. For this reason, our online DELE Preparation courses allow students to plan their course according to their necessities. In that way, students can choose the duration of their course, which can vary from four to eight weeks according to their availability and dedication.

  1. Own study material

When you enrol into one of our online DELE Preparation Courses in the Comunidad Hispania, students will not have to pay extra for books, as the material they need will be provided by the teacher, as it has been carefully chosen by teachers in order to totally adapt to DELE candidates.

Would you like to read more about DELE examination courses at the Comunidad Hispania? Do not hesitate to have a look at our online DELE Preparation Courses. Join the Comunidad Hispania and prepare your DELE examination with us!

Article written by Chelo Caballero for Hispania, escuela de español


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