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News Hispania Escuela de Español | July 2018

1 August, 2018

Discover everything we have done this month! Summer is the perfect time to learn Spanish in Spain! In summer, our school is more active than ever! All the different areas of our school (did you know that we have two terraces in the chalet and an amazing cinema?), our classrooms, receptions, and hallways are filled […]

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The Best movies to learn Spanish

26 July, 2018

Would you like to watch movies in Spanish to improve it but you dont know where to start? Today we help you to learn Spanish with a list of Spanish movies. When you are learning a new language it is very important to practice your auditory while listening to local people speaking. Watching movies is […]

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10 proverbs in Spanish that you have to know

18 July, 2018

Surely once talking to a Spanish person you have heard phrases like “a quién madruga Dios le ayuda” or “perro ladrador poco mordedor” and haven’t understood very well what they meant. These are proverbs and popular sayings. What is a proverb? It’s a short phrase of popular origin which is traditionally repeated and expresses an […]

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Advantages of learning Spanish in Spain

11 July, 2018

Studying a language in your country of origin isthe fastest, easiest and most effective way to learn a language. In addition to attending class or studying on your own, when it comes to learning a language being in touch with the culture and language in use is very important. Listening to the language in your […]

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Why learn Spanish?

3 July, 2018

You ask yourself: “Why should I learn Spanish as a foreign language?” Do you need some reasons to finish taking the step? It is a pleasure to help you from the blog of Hispania, escuela de español. In an increasingly globalized world it is very important to know how to speak, at least, one foreign […]

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Hispania, escuela de español News | June 2018

28 June, 2018

   Discover everything that we have done this month!     We present the new classroom building in our school!   Hispania, escuela de español doesn’t stop growing and this month our students can already enjoy the new classroom building with 9 classrooms and one new reception where they can consult everything about their classes. […]

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