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Winners of the Excellence in Education Awards 2019!

19 February, 2019

Dear friends, We could not be happier 😉 Do you want to know why? We have started this week with wonderful news that motivates us even more to work with Hispania philosophy and Hispania method. Hispania, escuela de español opened its doors in February 2002 with the idea of creating a philosophy of life and […]

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Valentine’s Day at Hispania, escuela de español

15 February, 2019

February 14 has arrives with it Valentine´s day. Do you have your gifts ready? The chocolate shops and florists begin to fill, the streets are full of hearts, people walk with a different brightness in their eyes, but… Who was this famous Valentine? To know his history we have to travel to the great city […]

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Do you know who the most beloved Argentine girl in the world is?

11 February, 2019

A very fun way to improve our reading skills and our knowledge about Spanish culture when we study Spanish, is to read comics. Therefore, today I would like to introduce you to a girl who is going to change your life: Mafalda! This comic was created by a graphic humourist called Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better […]

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The funniest phrases in the Spanish language!

6 February, 2019

Did you know that besides being one of the biggest languages, Spanish is also a very funny language?  Discover some of the funniest Spanish phrases! 😊 In Spanish we can find sayings such as ‘Better a bird in the hand, than a 100 flying’ and expressions like ‘Being on the moon’ (about something). But in […]

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Hispania, escuela de español news | January 2019

1 February, 2019

We are starting 2019 on the right foot with some very exciting news and new projects! 😉 We hope that all of you had a great beginning of the new year, full of positivity and successes. We start the year with a big THANK YOU Hispania, escuela de español is such a great school thanks […]

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9 Curiosities of the Spanish language that you didn’t know

29 January, 2019

After reading these 9 curiosities of the Spanish language that you probably do not know, you will want to learn Spanish more 🙂   ONE OF THE MOST SPOKEN LANGUAGES Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Each year, the Cervantes Institute publishes a yearbook talking about the health of the Spanish […]

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