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Hispania escuela de español News – September 2020

30 September, 2020

September comes to its end, but it leaves us with great memories starring our dear students who learn Spanish in our school. Find below a selection of the best ones! In September, just one year ago, we received the SuperStar Language School Award      Last year, in September, Hispania, escuela de español got the […]

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Interview with our dear student Carolina Rota

16 October, 2020

Hispania, escuela de español receives every day new students of different nationalities and cultures who share their passion for learning Spanish and for getting to know the Spanish culture. However, not all of them are new students; we are also happy to see some familiar faces again and to welcome back former students who decide […]

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Learning how to cook with the students of the Comunidad Hispania

10 September, 2020

Gastronomy is part of the culture of every country. Therefore, if we want to immerse ourselves in the Spanish language completely, we cannot overlook the signature dishes of the Spanish cuisine: paella (a Spanish rice dish), cocido (stew), tapas (small portions of food), sangria (a type of red wine punch) … You will certainly already […]

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Learning Spanish in Valencia: 5 Luxury Reasons

2 September, 2020

Valencia is the perfect city to learn Spanish while enjoying your luxury holidays. The cost of living is rather low, so that luxury as well as quality tend to be quite affordable. Would you like to learn Spanish while discovering Valencia with the most exclusive plans? Here are some more details.  Learning Spanish in Valencia […]

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Hispania escuela de español News – August 2020

31 August, 2020

August has been a month full of great moments for us. So now that we are saying goodbye to the month of August, we would like to share with you a collection of the most important news related to Hispania, escuela de español.   Hispania, escuela de español has been nominated for the StudyTravel Star […]

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Why join the Comunidad Hispania?

11 August, 2020

To learn Spanish online in the Comunidad Hispania has many benefits that go beyond acquiring a certain command of the language. The pandemic the entire world is facing right now has caused many people to change their daily routines and preferences in all aspects, including how to learn Spanish. Therefore, if you have always been […]

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