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Hispania, escuela de español News| November 2018

3 December, 2018

Find out what we have done this month Our beautiful school welcomed numerous students ready for the official Spanish exam DELE in November November is a very special month in our school, because it’s the month of the expected last call of the year of the DELE exam. The DELE is the official, internationally recognised […]

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‘vaya’, ‘valla’ or ‘baya’ Do you know how to distinguish them?

19 November, 2018

As you can see, all three words are similar. The pronunciation is very much alike; however, the spelling is different same as the meaning. Therefore, we must be very careful when writing and using these words as we can mislead others and refer to different meanings than we want to express. In Spanish, there are […]

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Interview with our Spanish teacher María José

13 November, 2018

Hello! I’m María José, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Cuenca, the best city in Spain. And I’m a Spanish teacher in Hispania, escuela de español. How long have you been working at the school? One year, I started in September, 2017. What is Hispania, escuela de español for you?  For me, the school […]

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News Hispania, escuela de español | October 2018

2 November, 2018

Find out what we have done this month   We celebrated the 1st Short Story Contest at Hispania, escuela de español This month we encouraged our students to show how good they are at writing and organised the 1st Short Story Contest at our school! Our students wrote short stories in Spanish, limited to 100 […]

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The month of…Barbados!

22 October, 2018

Each month we celebrate the interculturality of our school. In September we travel to one of the Caribbean islands: Barbados Hello everyone! Last month we brought you something new that surely you are already loving by now! We started a very nice activity in the school called “The month of…”. In September we go on […]

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News Hispania, escuela de español | September 2018

2 October, 2018

Discover everything we have done this month! We received the ST Star Award in the Spanish Language School category for the fourth year in a row! 😀 The month of September started in the best manner possible for our school: with great news! Hispania, escuela de español received the ST Star Award for the fourth […]

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