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The climate of Valencia

19 June, 2019

Do you know the climate of Valencia? Do you want to learn Spanish while enjoying a nice sunshine? Do you know the most famous sayings about time? I don’t know how it is in your country, but in Spain we love to talk about the time of day. Therefore, it is the most popular conversation. […]

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Money Heist, learn Spanish with the best Spanish series

18 June, 2019

Do you still not know the most famous spanish serie in the whole world? Would you be able to take millions of euros from a bank? One of the great advantages of studying a language is that it is something we can do anywhere and in any way and this is something that Hispania, escuela […]

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The July fair arrives to Valencia

11 June, 2019

Do you want to have wonderful good time in Valencia? Would you love to get the maximum out of your valencian experience? Then do not miss the July fair of Valencia. In summer, every day a magnificent sun shines and our beloved students are willing to enjoy our beautiful city like never before. Therefore, today […]

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News Hispania, escuela de español | May 2019

30 May, 2019

May is a really special month at our school. May comes with great projects, like the DELE exams, and we are also getting closer to summer and the beginning of Hispania, escuela de español’s Vacation Course. But … This month of May 2019 has been even more special. It has been the month that Hispania, […]

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The verb “ser” (to be) and sports

28 May, 2019

Are you a sports lover? Do you know the most famous Spanish athletes? Come and check it while you learn a lot of new vocabulary and a great use of the verb SER. Spain is a country that loves sports and that is why, among many other things, it stands out for its great professional […]

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News Hispania, escuela de español | April 2019

3 May, 2019

The Preparatory Course for the DELE Exam of May 2019 begins Hispania, escuela de español is a world reference school for learning Spanish. Likewise, our school is characterized by the excellent results that, each call, our students obtain in the DELE exams thanks to the effort of all of them and the great preparation of our […]

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