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News Hispania, escuela de español | November 2019

2 December, 2019

We opened the new school building! As we announced in the last newsletter this month has been very special, because we inaugurated the new building of Hispania, escuela de español, the villa Botánico Cavanilles! Our students and colleagues who already know it love it as much as we do. The new villa is now the […]

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What is the SIELE course of Hispania, escuela de español?

15 November, 2019

A certificate of your Spanish level in a very fast and effective way. Hispania, escuela de español always tries to offer the best options to their students so that, during their Spanish experience, they can learn, have fun, earn merits, add points to find a good job and everything else you can imagine! That’s why […]

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The 5 craziest comparisons of Spanish language

12 November, 2019

Do you know that spanish in addition to be a beautiful languge, is also very funny? I want to tell you five of the most relevant comparisons. Spaniards are characterized for having a great sense of humour. We like to laugh! We laugh of ourselves, of the little things of the day, of the politics, […]

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News Hispania, escuela de español | October 2019

31 October, 2019

Next Monday will be a very special day for us… we’ll inaugurate the new building of our school and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We’ll start the month of November with this great news. It’s a new, spacious and a very beautiful building, situated close to our other chalet, which is also located […]

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What to do in Valencia at the weekend (26-27 october)

24 October, 2019

Valencia has a great tourist and cultural offer, from concerts to gastronomic and sporting events, visits to other cities… Therefore, if you are going to spend this weekend in Valencia, you cannot miss any of the following activities: ALICANTE AND GUADALEST One of the advantages of living in Valencia is that the city is well […]

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Who is the winner of the 2019 Planet Award?

23 October, 2019

When we learn a new language, every incentive is good for practice it and find out all the different things that help us to become a real expert. We want to tell you some ideas that can help you to improve your Spanish, as start reading a book in Spanish. The writer we want to […]

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