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Awards and acknowledgements

ST Super Star Todas las ST Star Awards Hispania, escuela de español

The ST Star Awards are the most prestigious awards in the field of educational tourism and language tourism (Study & Travel). The winners are selected by professionals in their sector through voting for language schools and study agencies abroad.

Hispania, escuela de español has been chosen as the winner by the professionals of the sector among all the Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America during the last five consecutive years (2015 – 2019). It’s the only Spanish school that has ever achieved it.

In addition, by having won this award for 5 years straight, our school has become a SuperStar, so it forms part of the Hall of Fame of these awards. This title is life-long, so we won’t compete in this category anymore.

Star Awards todos los años


Premios Excelencia Educativa

The Excellence Education Awards reward the best practices in education at the worldwide level. The prestige of these awards have positioned our school as a center concerned and busy to achieve excellence in education and good business practices, achieving a more formed society without forgetting the importance of Social Responsibility in the day-to-day formation.

Hispania, escuela de español received a special mention in:

The Best Spanish Language School at the National Level 2019

We received this mention after we had won the following awards:

The Excellence Education Award 2019 for The Best Innovation in the Spanish Language School

The Excellence Education Award 2019 for The Best Brand Image in the Spanish Language School

The Excellence Education Award 2019 for The Best Trajectory in the Spanish Language School

The Excellence Education Award 2019 for The Best Plan for Teachers Training in Spanish Language School



iStudy Hispania, Escuela de EspañoliStudy Hispania, Escuela de Español 2

The iStudy Language School Awards select the winning school, basing their choice on schools’ achievements and fortitudes in the education field. An overwhelming number of nominations are received each year and the jury has the unenviable task of selecting the award-winning school.

All the winners of the iStudy Language School Awards are adhered to the same rigorous evaluation criteria, carried out by experienced professionals. It guarantees that only the schools that truly deserve this prestigious award can obtain it.

Over the past 12 months, votes were received through our iStudy Guide subscribers: students, teachers and sector experts. Regardless of the size or location of the schools, this vote assesses excellence in teaching by evaluating the following areas:

Hispania, escuela de español was the winner of the iStudy Language School Awards from 2016 till 2020. At the same time it was also proclaimed “World Language School” over the last three years (2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020).


EducationStars Award Best Language School 2013 2014 2015 in Spain 2015 EducationStars Certificate of Excellence hispania valencia

EducationStars is a website which recollects opinions of the students who have studied in language schools and it also allows them to evaluate their service. Our school has been chosen “The Best School in Spain” over the last three years, because of the positive opinions and evaluation of our students, which kept us on the top of the list of all language schools in the world.

The EducationStars’ “Certificate of Excellence” is a prestigious certificate that is given only to schools with the best students’ valuations. It’s a quality label that is handed over to schools that constantly receive the best valuations on EducationStars. To receive it, schools have to maintain the percentage higher than 85% (Quality/Satisfaction), by receiving at least 75 students’ opinions. Our school’s been receiving it since 2015.


Certificado de Excelencia de TripAdvisor 2019

Tripadvisor – Certificate of Excellence:

To qualify for TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence it is obligatory to:

To determine Certificate of Excellence recipients, the TripAdvisor web uses a variety of user-generated content. The algorithm that they use, primarly takes into account the quality, quantity and recency of user reviews, as well as the business’ tenure on the site.

Our school received the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2019.


Excellence Award 2016 Excellence Award 2017 Excellence Award 2018   Excellence Award 2019

LanguageCourse.net – Excellence Award:

Every year LanguageCourse.Net requests an evaluation from more than a thousand language course students in order to honour schools that offer excellent educational services. As a result of the evaluations, Languagecourse.Net annually gives their  Excellence Award to those schools around the world that receive the highest scores in customer satisfaction questionnaires.
Our school has obtained this certificate of excellence for the last four years consecutively (2016 – 2019).


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