Valencian Food and Drink

Agua de Valencia Workshop

Agua de Valencia is a Valencian born cocktail. During the workshop, you'll learn how to prepare the cocktail and what ingredients and measurements go into it. And of course, you will make your very own cocktail. Whose will taste the best?

Horchata tasting

The workshop is organised in the horchata museum in Alboraya, dedicated to making horchata and the cultivation of the tigernut. We'll learn how to traditionally prepare horchata and finish with a tasting of this classic and delicious drink.

Sangria Workshop

Sangria is a very refreshing drink from Spain. We'll learn the best tips and tricks on how to prepare it and we'll hold a contest to find out which team has made the most delicious sangria. But above all, we'll have fun and practice a lot of Spanish.

Tapas tour

Tapas has become one of Spains gastronomic specialties Usually, each drink is accompanied bya small and tasty bite. It has become a tradition that thousands of foreigners come to Spainto get to know and enjoy. Going out for tapas in Spain is so famousit even has its own verb: 'tapear'!

Paella tasting

For those who love to travel using all five senses in order to best discover the treasures of the countries we visit. If you come to Valencia, you can't skip the traditional paella Valenciana, one of the most famous and tasty foods in the whole world.

Cooking Master class with Ricard Camarena

Ricard Camarena is one of Spain's most famous chefs - he even has a Michelin Star restaurant. A cooking show in which students can observe and taste the culinary proposals of the chef.

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