Cultural activities in Valencia

An afternoon at the Museo de Historia de Valencia: Valencian History

One of the best examples of industrial architecture, the museum is an educational space that delves into the past of Valencia in a enjoyable yet accurate way, recalling the events that have built its history, revealing cultures and customs that have forged its way of being today.

Afternoon at the Museum: National Ceramic Museum

In this museum we will not only find an enviable ceramic collection, but we will also have the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous Palace of the Marqués de Dos Aguas with its magnificent alabaster entrance. Inside we will take a look at the richly decorated, Rococo style rooms.

Poetry Workshop

Our beloved great poet Federico García Lorca used to say that poetry does need followers, it needs LOVERS! At Hispania, escuela de español we totally agree with this idea and that is why we have created a poetry workshop so that lovers of this art form can enjoy what they love doing most.

Afternoon at the Museum: MUVIM

We're taking you on an interactive chronological tour that, through actors and actresses and various surprises, will allow us to get closer to the key to the history of thought. We'll look at history from the Middle Ages through to the present day, the XNUMX th century Enlightenment through to the the birth of modern science.

Literature Workshop

Every month we pick an author in the Spanish language, we will learn more about his work and we will recite or read passages or poems, all harmonized with music.

An afternoon at the museum: Museo Fallero

We will visit the Fallero Museum, where studentscan learn more about one of the most interesting festivals in the world: Las Fallas. The festival has been officially recognised by Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. The tour ends in la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias and where you have the opportunity to take a look at its panoramic exterior.

Afternoon at the museum: Valencia Museum of Fine Arts

This is considered the third best museum in Spain. The museums artistic collections are made up of a large gallery, with works from Joan de Joanes, Ribalta, José de Ribera, Diego Velázquez, Murillo, Francisco de Goya. We'll discover the museums history in a fun and educational way.

Afternoon at the museum: IVAM, Modern Art.

Being the first of its kind built in Spain, the museum of modern and contemporary art is the most important museum in the city. It has a permanent collection of around 12.000 works by important Spanish and international artists and numerous temporary exhibitions.

Salsa or Flamenco Workshop

Salsa is a social Latin dance and flamenco integrates dance with singing and guitar music. The activity consists of a fun class, adapted to beginner levelsso you don't need any prior dance knowledge. dance.

Film Forum

Enjoy the cinema in Hispania. Students will be able to continue learning Spanish while watching their favourite movies in our private cinema at the school. And in addition, it is completely free.

Museo del Carmen: Contemporary Culture

Located within a former XNUMX century monastery, which continuedreligious practices up until the XNUMX century, after which it’s new functions as a museum andart school saved it from being demolished. Some of Valencia's most impressive artists went to school here.Nowadays it has been converted into a cultural spaceand exhibit, with a multitude of activities that display young cutting edge artists from Valencia and Europe.

Afternoon at the museum: Museum of Natural Sciences

Do you want to experience what it's like to enter a prehistoric cave ? Not only that, we'll also admire sets of very important works such as the Botet collection, the best sample of fossils coming from South America.

Afternoon at the museum: Ethnology + Prehistory Museum

A great way to understand Valencian culture and customs. Ethnology is the science that studies and compares different towns all around the world and their cultures. We will also visit the Museum of Prehistory, all in the cultural complex of the Charity.

Flamenco show

We will enjoy the secrets of one of the most famous and traditional dances in Spain with professional dancers and musicians.

Language exchange + Quiz + Salsa

Language exchanges have become one of the most fun and dynamic ways to increase a student's level of speaking, because it allows them to continue

learning but in a different environment, more relaxed and joyful.

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