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Workshop: Agua de Valencia

This is another of the typical drinks, in this case, from the city of Valencia. However, be very careful! Do not be fooled by its name because it is an alcoholic beverage that has many different ingredients but, among them, there is no water.

It is said that the first water of Valencia was made in 1959 by Constante Gil, a man of Galician origin but in love with Valencia. And it is that in the origin of this drink, many different Spanish regions participated, so the trigger was a group of travelers from the Basque Country. These were presented at the Cervecería Madrid at that time, in the city of Valencia, where Constante Gil worked, asking for “Agua de Bilbao” to refer to the best sparkling wine the brewery had. One day, tired of always asking for the same thing, they challenged Constante Gil to prepare something better than the Water of Bilbao, which accepted the challenge and it occurred to him to surprise them by preparing a new cocktail that he baptized with the name of “Agua de Valencia”. It seems that the invention was so successful that Basque visitors did not ask for any other different drinks. Since that time, its success has not stopped surviving until today as the great Valencian drink par excellence.

If you want to discover how our typical “Agua de Valencia” was originally prepared, you should go to the amazing workshop of Hispania, escuela de español. In this workshop, you will learn what its ingredients and measures are, prepare your own cocktail, laugh and speak in Spanish with new friends. What are you saying? You dare not to come?

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