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Sangría Workshop

La Sangría! Surely you have ever tried or heard about this drink. We walk through the streets and see the terraces of the bars full of Spaniards and tourists who enjoy a refreshing sangria while tanning with the Valencian sun shining. But do you know how it is prepared? If you want to discover it, this is a workshop for you and you do not want to miss it.

This drink has an unknown origin because according to different documents, they all have different information. One says that it is a Spanish invention because the first to make it were the peasants who, to refresh themselves, made a drink that consisted of mixing wine and fruit. Other theories place it in the British Antilles, in the Martinique Islands or in Ecuador. Although it is true that, whatever its origin, it is a drink associated internationally with Spain.

On the other hand, as with the origin, the sangria has a preparation that varies according to the sources that we have, but all agree that wine and citrus are its key ingredients.

The Dictionary of the Royal Academy defines it as a refreshing drink composed of soda, wine, sugar, lemon and other additives.

Do you know that its name refers to blood? Not only because of its colour, but also because of its body an the effect of vitality it produces. Therefore, although it can also be made with white or rosé wine, the true sangria must be made with red wine, the colour of blood.

Currently, by decision of the European Parliament, the word sangria is reserved for flavoured wine that is made in Spain and Portugal.

In our sangria workshop, we will teach you how to make real Spanish sangria. We will hold a contest to decide which team has made the most delicious sangria and, above all, we will have fun and practice a lot of Spanish. In addition, the activities of Hispania, escuela de español are always a good opportunity to enrich our knowledge and make many new friends.

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