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Sangría Workshop (english)

Sangria! I am sure that you have heard or tasted this drink. Walking the streets we can see lots of Spaniards and tourists enjoying sangria on bar terraces while they tan under the Valencian sun. Do you know how to craft it? If you want to prepare it properly, this is indeed your workshop and you cannot miss it.

The origin of sangria is unknown and, depending of the source, the information will change. Some say is was invented by Spanish peasants who mixed wine and fruits to cool off. Other theories suggest that it was invented in the British West Indies, Martinique or Ecuador. However, regardless of its real origin, sangria is internationally linked to Spain.

On the other hand, the preparation method of sangria differs on the source. Even so, they all agree on the fact that wine and citruses are their main ingredients. The Diccionario de la Real Academia Española defines it as a refreshing drink made of soda, wine, sugar, lemon and other additional ingredients.

Do you know that the word sangria refers to blood? This is not only because of its colour, but also due to its texture and the effect of vitality that it produces. This is the reason why it can also be prepared using white or rosé wine. However, real sangria must be prepared with red wine, which is the colour of blood.

Nowadays, the word sangria is reserved to define aromatised wines produced in Spain and Portugal. This is because of a decision made by the European Parliament.

We will teach you in our workshop how to prepare real Spanish sangria. Later, we will organise a contest in order to decide which team has prepared the most delicious sangria while we have fun and practice Spanish. Additionally, the activities of Hispania, escuela de español are always a good opportunity to learn and make new friends.

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