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Master Class cooking with Ricard Camarena

One of the greatest treasures a country has is its gastronomy. Every country in the world, every big city or small town has its own typical dishes that are part of its culture, its essence. To know the gastronomy of a place means getting closer to understand it better and to become part of it. And what better way to know everything about the gastronomy of a country than learning from the hand of a renowned professional chef? Do you dare to try it?

Hispania, escuela de español offers you the wonderful possibility of attending a master class with the famous chef Ricard Camarena, winner of nothing more and nothing less than 3 Michelin Stars. What a luxury!

Ricard Camarena has been teaching cooking courses since 2014 and, every year, he teaches more than 80 recipes of all styles to more than 400 students, lovers of good cuisine. Camarena has won 3 Michelin stars, has been awarded 3 Repsol soles, has restaurants in different parts of the country and many of them have been awarded with different awards such as the prize for the Revelation Restaurant at the Gastronomic Summit of Madrid Fusión, the prize for the Best Gastronomic Contribution of the Year or Best Creative Cuisine Restaurant. In addition, he was chosen as Best Foreign Cook by the Italian guide Identità Golose. Amazing, right?

Their ideals are total respect for the seasonal product, to make their students and customers feel at home and the privilege to taste above all. In Valencia, he is one of the most famous and respected chefs, that is why every year hundreds and hundreds of Spaniards and foreigners go to his incredible restaurants to enjoy their dishes and give pleasure to the five senses.

Did you know that Ricard Camarena was named best chef by the Valencian Gastronomy Academy in 2007?

If you sign up for this wonderful activity of Hispania, escuela de español, you will be able to meet this great chef, who will teach you everything you need to know about Spanish cuisine, the season and the quality of the products of our lands. Key ingredients of our most coveted dishes and the best and most cutting-edge cooking techniques … In short, it will also make you an excellent cook. Now you can start telling all your friends that soon they will have some great meals coming!

From cooking some amazing starters to start your meals on the right foot, to elaborate salads, worthy of presiding over the center of the table, main dishes that will make you the king or queen of the kitchen and tasty desserts that no one can resist.

With this incredible course you can learn to cook delicious dishes such as rice with tuna belly and roasted peppers, roasted tomato coca, bonito and pine nut yogurt, bollit valencià, roasted feather, satay sauce and rocket, dessert of burnt milk, mango ice cream and many more dishes.

If your dream has always been to become the king or queen of the kitchen, you want to meet new people and practice your preferred language in a real environment, do not hesitate to sign up for this activity with Hispania, escuela de español.

Make use of this opportunity!

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