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Horchata tasting

The fantastic Museum of Horchata is located in Alquería el Machistre. This is the location where the cultural, agricultural, architectonical and gastronomical heritage of Valencia is preserved.

An Alquería is a country house that has farming lands within its property. The word alquería comes from Arab al-qarīa, which was the name given in Spain to rural communities under Muslim rule. Literally, it meant town or group of houses. Most times it was formed by a main house with rooms, a small watch tower, a courtyard and adjacent buildings such as barns, mills or ovens. Nonetheless, some alquerías were even fortified.

Do you want to know the history of Alquería el Machistre? The history of this alquería dates back to 1442 when Maria of Castile, wife of Alfonso V, donated the Cathedral of Valencia, the Alquería and its chapel. Later, during the Golden Age of Valencian crafts and farming in the 15th and 18th centuries, the ecclesiastical judicial authority remodelled the building with its current beautiful style and increased its dimensions. Nowadays, it belongs to Vargas family, which has been preserving it since the 19th century.

In this alquería, we will visit the Museum of Horchata and Tiger Nut. We will also have a guided visit to the farming lands of Alboraya and Aula de la Naturaleza. In this activity with Hispania, escuela de español we will visit the Museum of Horchata and Tiger Nut. Therefore, we will know new curiosities of the Valencian culture and will enjoy a delicious event of horchata tasting.

This wonderful workshop is organised in the Museum. We will learn how this delicious beverage is crafted. Additionally, we will understand tiger nut farming and the differences about the old and current trading methods. But this is not all! As we have previously said, this Alquería has a long history. We will also be able to visit the different rooms of the building and know how Valencia was 300 years ago. Isn’t that great? We will see the kitchens, the meeting room, the Arab tower and the chapel. Finally, we will taste typical Valencian horchata.

Drinking horchata in this fantastic alquería that has such a long history. Isn’t this amazing?

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