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Yoga in Hispania

One of the things that we perceive in Hispania, escuela de español when we receive students from all over the world is that they love the non-stressful life that lives in a city like Valencia.

Valencia has very mild and pleasant temperatures almost all year round and has the great Turia River Garden in which to enjoy the sun, pure air and nature. Therefore, one of the activities that our students like the most and that we offer at our Spanish school is participation in YOGA classes.

Among the incredible activities offered by Hispania, escuela de español, this is perfect for those who want to put their body and mind in tune while they practice their Spanish with new classmates.

And surely you’ve seen people practicing yoga in the city or talking about its many benefits and have thought: I want that too! Well, thanks to our beloved school you can do it. Shall I tell you what yoga is?

Yoga is a traditional physical and mental discipline that has its origin in India, it is a practice of Hinduism that seeks the union of body and mind. In the West it was discovered in the 60s thanks to Maharishi Mahest that popularized it. While their techniques have evolved, movements and ideals remain.

Although its origin is in India, the fact is that, currently, universities and medical centers around the world such as the University of California or Harvard have studied and scientifically proven the benefits of this practice.

Do you want to know all the benefits of practicing yoga? Look closely:

Reduce stress
Alleviate the pain
Improves breathing
Regulates the endocrine nervous system
Increase flexibility
Increase strength and endurance
It helps control weight
Improves circulation and oxygenates the cells of our body
Develop our conscience
Full of peace and balance inside
In fact, Dr. Timothy McCall speaks of up to 75 health problems that can be improved by practicing yoga: anxiety, obesity, cardiovascular problems, back problems, sleep disorders …

And it is that, in a time of stress as it is the current one, this is a very effective way to improve our quality of life. Every day we face new challenges, projects and jobs that wear us physically and emotionally, that’s why yoga is a perfect activity to counteract those negative effects of our accelerated pace of life and find the serenity of our mind. It is about stopping time for a moment, relaxing in a calm, natural and beautiful environment such as the one offered by the Turia River Garden and allowing this valuable exercise to change our lives. In addition, it will help us connect with new people who, like us, seek to be happy and, above all, love Spanish very much.

In the yoga classes of Hispania, escuela de español you will learn to listen to your body, to observe and understand all the corners of your mind, to live in peace and harmony with your inner self and to enjoy the great treasure that is the present.

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