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Bicycle tour through the Turia Garden

One of the charms of Valencia that attracts residents and tourists is its pleasant climate. Our city is characterized by having temperatures that always invite you to go out to the street to have a drink with friends, take a walk, take pictures … If we add the great luck that Valencia has the beautiful and long river Turia, do the bike tour with Hispania, escuela de español becomes something you can not miss.

Cycling on the river? Yes! You read that well! Do not panic! Although it is the bed of the Turia River, the truth is that it is currently dry, so you can enjoy cycling an incomparable itinerary where you will find all kinds of trees, fountains, ponds, sports facilities and many, many flowers .

Do you want to know a little more about this river that we will travel with our bicycles?

This Spanish river is born in the Montes Universales of the province of Teruel, although there it has the name of Guadalquivir river, later it passes through Cuenca and Valencia, ending at the Mediterranean Sea.

Our city owes much to the Turia River because it has a key role in rice crops that allow us to taste the rich Valencian paellas, in the oranges, the main fruit of the Valencia Water and in the olives, perfect accompaniment of a good fresh beer or of a famous sangria with friends.

But surely you will be wondering why it is currently dry. In fact, it has not dried up but, in 1960, it was diverted to avoid flooding Valencia, because it is a river that suffers many floods like the one in 1957 that caused almost the entire city to be covered with water. The good news is that the 120 hectares of riverbed that remained empty, were used to build what is now known as the Turia River Garden, one of the largest urban parks in Spain. And it is true that the city of Valencia would not be the same without this large garden that gives it a magical and spectacular charm.

During the bicycle tour with Hispania, escuela de español we will see no less than 18 bridges that connect the river with the city. Among them, it highlights the beautiful Puente de las Flores, the modern bridge designed by Calatrava or the old and full of history Puente del Reino with its imposing gargoyles.

One of the things that will surprise and love you most is the contrast of its different styles. Only the fact that you can start your bike ride observing an African environment by being connected to the internationally famous Bioparc and ending it with the vision of the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences of Calatrava will surely leave you speechless.

And that’s not all! With this bike tour, you will discover the gigantic figure of Gulliver, the famous fictional character who loves adventures and travels like you. In this figure, children (and not so children) climb their body, climb their hair, and down their huge slides … An adventure worthy of Gulliver himself!

In addition, you will also pass through the great Palacio de la Música, which offers countless concerts, photography and painting exhibitions and has a beautiful fountain where water and music shows are organized.

Likewise, it consists of several sports facilities for practicing football, athletics, basketball, rugby and many other sports! And, of course, the beautiful and diverse nature that decorates its kilometers: palm trees, roses, orange trees, ponds …

It is more than likely that this activity of Hispania, escuela de español is the most complete you can find because it will allow you to:

Enjoy incredible and beautiful natural views
Exercise by pedaling in the beautiful and comfortable bicycles offered by the Turia River Garden
Practice a lot of Spanish
Learn new facts about the culture of Valencia
Meet new friends with the same desires and concerns as you.
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