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Valencia from the heights: Miguelete + Cathedral

One of the things that most people and visitors of Valencia appreciate is its elegant and beautiful architecture. Its great charm lies in the perfect harmony in which classical and modern art coexist: Gothic, neoclassical, modernist and even avant-garde architecture. And what better way to enjoy all this art than by discovering it and contemplating it from above? That’s why, in Hispania, escuela de español, we propose an activity that you can hardly forget.

Our first stop will be in the Serrano towers, part of the medieval wall of Valencia, which offers us a privileged view of the city. We will tell about its history, its different uses and the different rooms. In addition, we will tell anecdotes, legends and talk about Barrio del Carmen, its history and the most curious and interesting places. Did you know that these towers were named National Historic Artistic Monument in 1931?
Then we will continue our tour in the Plaza de la Reina; there, there is the famous Miguelete, a Gothic bell tower of the Cathedral of Valencia that is 63 meters high and, attention to this fact, 207 steps.

The bells of this tower are very special, because only one is automatic, the rest are operated manually: La Caterina, Jaume, Pau, l’Ursula, Micalet, Maria, l’Arcis, l’Andreu, the Manuel, the Barbera, the Violant, the cimborret and the quarts. When you get there and see them up close, they will surely surprise you and our wonderful guide will show you who each name belongs to because such special bells had to have a dignified name.
In addition, you can discover incredible stories and hilarious anecdotes about this tower and many other places. For example, did you know that once a donkey climbed to the top of the Miguelete? It is a funny anecdote starring some young pranksters who took advantage of the innocence of master stonemason Francisco Baldomar, who had a donkey in a shed that was near the tower. The young men tricked him into taking the donkey out and up to the top of the bell tower. They created such a scandal that some sailors had to come and create a system of pulleys to get the poor donkey down. Can you imagine what situation that was?

When we have recovered our breath and we are already at the top of the belfry, we can see all the beauty of the exceptional Plaza de la Reina, surrounded by streets as iconic as the street of La Paz, San Vicente Mártir, Cabillers, Santa Catalina, the Micalet or Avellanes. We will contemplate the imposing Cathedral of Valencia, founded in the thirteenth century, which is a beautiful example of different architectural styles such as Baroque, Gothic or Romanesque. Did you know that in this cathedral are the Holy Grail and the arm of San Vicente Mártir? It also has a surprising sundial in one of its facades that we can observe in this interesting activity.

In addition, in the Plaza de la Reina you can visit a café that is centuries and centuries old, buy something at handicraft markets or taste the famous chocolate with churros or the delicious horchata with Santa Catalina fartons. And if this seems not enough to you, then I will give you one last surprise: this fabulous activity of Hispania, escuela de español, takes place very close to the Central Market and the Plaza de la Virgen.
After this activity, you will have discovered a thousand curiosities and incredible facts about your favorite city, you will have marveled at the beautiful Valencian architecture, you will have tasted tasty delights and you will have met new friends with whom to practice your Spanish. Still have not signed up?

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