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Trip to Sagunto

It is said that one of the things that teaches us most in this life is experience; the thousands of wonderful experiences that fill our personal world with memories and wisdom. That’s why, in Hispania, escuela de español we want you to experiences as much as possible so that your stay in Valencia is unsurpassed and will be a important place in your memories.
On this occasion, we present a trip that will immerse you in the remains of one of the greatest cultures of civilization: ancient Rome. It is about traveling to the past to learn about the great surprises that await us in this beautiful city with a great historical and archaeological heritage.
Sagunto is a city that is located in the province of Castellón and that in the year 218 a.C. faced in the Second Punic War nothing more and nothing less than Rome and Carthage, so much so that vestiges before the siege of Hannibal are still visible.

The great history that still survives in every corner of Sagunto, will allow us to make several stops, for example, we will visit the great Castle of Sagunto, a defensive fortification, declared a National Monument in 1931, with a length of almost one kilometer. There, we can observe walls of varied eras and styles and the Iberian, Roman, medieval and modern remains. Do you know any wall more complete than this?
Another of the great treasures that Sagunto retains is the Roman Theater, also declared a National Monument in 1896, which has a capacity of eight thousand spectators. It was built in the first century, taking advantage of the slope of the mountain that offered acoustic conditions suitable for the representation of plays and musicals. This is a visit that you can not miss because the theater of Sagunto is not only one of the few that are preserved in Spain but it is also a living theater, this is because it still represents plays today. In addition, every summer the town hall organizes the classical theater festival, Sagunt on stage, if you are in Valencia it is a must. Have you ever seen a play sitting in the same place where the Romans sat centuries and centuries ago?
But this is not all! Through a portal with a round arch, called Portalet de la Judería or Portalet de la Sang, we will enter the great Jewish quarter of Sagunto. We will marvel at its narrow, cobbled streets, its whitewashed houses and its pointed arches that transport us to medieval times, when the Hebrew culture left a great legacy in Spain. In fact, the Jewish quarter of Sagunto is the one that conserves the best layout and where there are more remains of objects, buildings and spaces throughout Spain.
We will walk through the beautiful old town of Sagunto and we will be fascinated with its streets while we listen to curiosities and anecdotes of its incredible corners. In addition, we will visit the Church of Santa María in the Plaza Mayor, the Historical Museum and discover the Islamic part of the city, next to the Town Hall.
And if all this does not seem enough, you may end up convinced to discover that in Sagunto one of the best paellas in the whole Valencian Community is cooked. Surely after a educational and fun walk, we will have opened our appetite and we can replenish our strength looking for a nice restaurant where you can taste this famous dish.
Visit a new corner of our beloved Valencian Community, know a lot about the remains of Roman, Jewish, Arab and Hispanic culture, make new friends and practice a lot of Spanish.  Come to the activities of Hispania, escuela de español!

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