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Tour: The Modernist Valencia

The 20th century was very important for Valencia because the arrival of Modernism transformed its corners and streets giving them new shapes and colors. Ceramic, glass and iron, elements so characteristically Valencian, appeared with this artistic movement that conquered the thousands of artists of the time. Its great success was due to its exaltation of all the typical elements of our land, such as oranges, falleras, orchard or fishermen.

And as in Hispania, escuela de español, we have decided to turn each of our beloved students into true experts of the Valencian culture, to our wonderful tour of the Muslim, Medieval, Roman, mysterious or disappeared Valencia, the incredible journey is joined for the Modernist Valencia.

Surely many times you have walked through the center and you have been speechless at buildings such as the North Station, the Central Market or Columbus and now, with this interesting activity of Hispania, escuela de español,  you will know all the details, stories and curiosities that involve the magic of these architectural works of art.

For example, did you know that the famous poet Luis Cernuda affirmed with emotion that La Paz street in Valencia is one of the few true streets that exist in Spain?

Of course, this long and elegant street full of imposing modernist buildings will be one of our obligatory stops. The moldings of the balconies, the towers worthy of an authentic fairy tale and princesses and many other aspects that you will observe during this tour will leave you speechless. In addition, in La Paz street is a historical detail related to the II Spanish Republic. Will you be able to find it?

But aside from these famous places, this tour has many surprises because Valencia, as far as architecture is concerned, is endless. Hidden treasures such as The House of the Dragons, which owes its name to the dragons surrounded by floral motifs that decorate its walls, or Casa Ortega, with its large door decorated with two impressive figures of an older man and a young woman representative of language modernist in the art nouveau slope, you will be conquered.

If you want to come and enjoy and immerse yourself in Valencian modernism, expand your culture, practice a lot of Spanish and make new friends, Valencia is your city.

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