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Excursion to The Albufera

Read this well and visualize this image:
You, surrounded by friendly companions who love Spanish, strolling by boat while observing the Valencian nature, let yourself be surprised by the beautiful birds that live in it and learn a lot about the Valencian culture. Are you thinking of a perfect and unforgettable image? Well, sign up for this interesting activity because Hispania, escuela de español, takes you to the Albufera.
Do you want to know more?
The Albufera de Valencia is a coastal lagoon that is separated from the sea by a tongue of land. It is such a beautiful, important and characteristic place that it was declared a Natural Park in 1986. It was also recognized as a wetland of international importance in 1989, a zone of special protection for birds in 1990 and a Site of Community Importance in 2001.
His name has Arabic origin; comes from the word al-buhayra which means  “little sea”. It is found in some poems in which they refer to it as the Mirror of the Sun, since it is a place that stands out for the beautiful colors left by the sun in its skies in contrast to the water. It is said that the sunrises and sunsets of the Albufera are some of the most precious things that our magnificent nature gives us. In fact, the Albufera is usually a meeting point for the big lovers who want to enjoy their love in a very romantic and beautiful environment. Many photographers and painters choose it as a raw material for their art or as a source of inspiration. If you want to discover a very valuable piece of Valencian culture, you should read the work Cañas y Barro by the great writer Blasco Ibáñez that is set in the Albufera. In it, you will find a great portrait of the time, a characteristic feature of the novel of manners.
This natural park is composed of six bushes or islets: Mata del Fang, Mateta del Baix, Mata de la Barra, Mata de l’Antina, Mata de San Roc and Mata del Rey. In these islets, we can find different species of marine animals such as farfet, sea bass, mullet, eel or samaruc. Although what makes it most famous is its great variety of beautiful birds such as the heron, stork, seagull, common tern and patinegro, the marsh harrier, smoked white-faced, black-footed boar. All this makes the Albufera is considered a park of great ecological interest because it hibernate unique species. Did you know that during the nesting season up to 4,500 pairs of herons can be trained?
Also, we can see a really beautiful flora where we will find aquatic plants such as sea lilies or sea bells.
And if all this has not impressed you, be prepared to listen to this: the Valencian paella was born in Albufera. The truth is that it has more than 200 km2 of rice fields and its fantastic water is the livelihood of fishermen and rice growers.
During the wonderful tour with Hispania, Spanish school you can:
* Visit the Interpretation Center Racó de L’Olla and the bird watching point.
* Walk through the forest of the Devesa and enjoy the botanical species.
* Talk about the Dunar Cord of La Devesa Beach and its recovery after the urban plan of the 70s.
* Take the Gola de Pujol to the Albufera pier.
* Boat ride with many friends enjoying nature.
* Wonder seeing rice fields, irrigation ditches, harness houses, farmhouses, water flowers and many unique birds.
Nature, culture, friends, Spanish, incredible colors, smiles, emotions. Can you ask for more?
Do not hesitate for a second and come and enjoy and practice Spanish with us in Hispania, escuela de español.

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