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Oceanográfic (english)

Oceanogràfic is located in the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia; It is known as the largest aquarium in Europe and defined as a sea of ​​incomparable sensations, so it is an activity that you can not miss.
Did you know that the Oceanogràfic is the longest underwater tunnel in Europe?
You will not be able to resist the desire to tell that you have been walking under the watchful eye of sharks. And that Hispania, escuela de español offers opportunities and experiences to remember.
Do you know the large number of different species that live in this gigantic aquarium?
Seahorses, pelicans, shrimps, sharks, rays, octopus, crabs, turtles, swans, flamingos, penguins, walruses, sea lions, seals … These are just some of the thousands of species that you will discover with this interesting activity.
With a visit to the Oceanogràfic, you will enjoy and learn with its different habitats, such as the Arctic, which has a giant igloo twelve meters high and two different levels where you will find a beautiful and funny family of Belugas, walruses and seals. Equally surprising is the habitat of temperate and tropical seas, which, by its warm waters, allows the coexistence of beings as varied as the Napoleon fish, the common seal or the Humboldt penguin. In the Oceans, you will find the strongest animals because they are the only ones able to survive their difficult and harsh conditions: the sawfish, the gray shark, the guitarfish, the bull shark or the nurse shark are just some of the fiercest .
Did you know that the Oceanogràfic also has the largest dolphinarium in Europe?
Surely you will love to see the artistic and fun educational exhibitions held with a wonderful group of bottlenose dolphins.
These dolphins are great artists!
And not only the tunnel with sharks is one of the most striking areas, you will also find a Crocodile, located in a living lake of 450 square meters, where you can see the relentless African hociquifino crocodile, also known as Falso Gavial. Are you going to miss it?
Also, think that the Oceanogràfic is not only considered as the largest aquarium in Europe but also is configured as a scientific and educational center. Therefore, this is an activity that you will feel with each particle of your being because it will allow you to marvel at the beauty of its great variety of marine species and learn everything you need to know about each species. On the other hand, you will love knowing that with this activity you are supporting a research team that works to promote the conservation of the seas and that also carries out research and education projects on the sea and the oceans.
And that’s not all! After the wonderful visit you will do with Hispania, escuela de español, you can stay for lunch in the Oceanogràfic’s signature underwater restaurant: a building designed by the architect Felix Candela that has an amazing roof. Although what will undoubtedly impress you most is the fact of being able to enjoy its delicious food, Mediterranean fusion, in a building that, in reality, is a circular aquarium. Have you ever been to such a peculiar meal? Make sure that your mobile’s battery is well charged because you will want to make countless photos to remember this unique experience.
Therefore, with the visit to the Oceanogràfic that Hispania escuela de español proposes, you will be able to:
Observing and knowing the characteristics and peculiarities of many marine species
Support a team of professionals fighting for the improvement of our seas and oceans
Surprise and get excited
Quench your curiosity
Making new friends
Walking under the sharp teeth of sharks
And, of course, practice a lot of Spanish.
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