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Excursion to Xátiva

The Valencian Community is a place full of great treasures, as each of its towns and cities show the history that has passed through them. And surely you are looking forward to your stay in Spain and to know all the culture and all the wonders of Valencia, we offer you an incredible visit to Xátiva and its great castle. Did you know that Xátiva is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain?

This magical corner of the Valencian Community has an imposing castle located in the Sierra de Castell that we can visit. Knowing the castle of Xátiva means knowing centuries and centuries of culture because it has been witness and stage of different historical events such as the campaigns of Hannibal, Al-Ándalus, the wars against Castile, the Civil War and many other things that you will discover in this interesting activity of Hispania, escuela de español!

To give you another fact, we will tell you that this castle served as a prison for illustrious convicts and people of the bourgeoisie. Do you dare to enter this elegant prison?

As soon as you get there, you will begin to enjoy learning many new facts about the Spanish culture and each of the corners of the castle such as the iron gate, the Plaza de Armas, known as the Aníbal gate or the Imilce balcony.

But this is not all! Besides the castle, the city of Xátiva has many fabulous places that we can visit together. Did you know that King Philip V, first Bourbon enthroned in Spain, ordered to burn this city? In this activity you will discover why and how they now call the inhabitants of Xátiva. We will also visit the Collegiate Church of Santa María, one of the most emblematic buildings of the city, declared a Site of Cultural Interest and the Hospital Reial, a benchmark for 16th-century architecture. Once located in the Plaça de la Trinitat, we will stop to marvel at all the emblematic and unique buildings that surround it, giving it such a magical air. Treasures such as the Palacio de Alarcón or the Convento de la Trinitat are in this square.

And for nature lovers, here’s the fact: Xativa has the largest number of enclaves in Spain with beautiful natural landscapes.

And if after this unforgettable activity your appetite has been opened, you can visit one of its magnificent restaurants. We recommend you order one of the specialties of Xátiva: the cassola d’arrós al forn. Delicious!

Get to know a new place in your favorite country, practice a lot of Spanish, meet new people and, above all, a lot of fun.

Doesn´t that sound like a good plan?

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