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Graffiti and Urban Art Tour

Today, we are going to talk about Urban Art, Do you know what that is?

It is a type of art that develops on the street and works independently of traditional art media. Surely, every student has ever had that they were walking down the street and could not avoid stopping to look at some wall with a large graffiti art piece, or that they were on their way to their Spanish classes and they found a theatrical improvisation show on the street that you had to see. Well all that, is known as ‘urban art’ or ‘street art’.

The intention of this kind of art is usually to leave a social, political or cultural message, which is why many people consider it as a form of protest, but it can also be an artistic representation of the popular culture of an area. This kind of art includes activities such as graffiti, street theater, improvisation, and music on the streets. Today we are going to focus on GRAFFITI

The word graffiti is a Spanish adaptation of the Italian word ‘graffiti’. Maybe you think that graffiti is something contemporary but the truth is that there were remains found of inscriptions in vulgar Latin on walls and columns. These inscriptions contained everything from political messages to declarations of love. Isn’t that surprising?

As is known, it seems that the cause of the great expansion of this type of art was a young Manhattan massager, who signed its art with Taki 183. He dedicated himself to graffiti in different parts of New York, making a name for himself in the world of street art. This artist was not known until 1971. Taki 183 rose to fame in 1971 thanks to a reporter form the New York Times, who managed to locate the artist and interview him. This caused a great impact on young people, increasing the number of graffiti artists in the cities.

This kind of art spread during the 80s in Spain. It became famous when ‘movida medreleña’ emerged, this was when many young people decorated the streets of their city with aerosols trying to express themselves and leave a message for the world.

There is a lot of controversy about whether street art should be considered art or vandalism but, in the case of Valencia, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s pure art. When you walk through the beautiful neighborhood of Carmen in Valencia, you will immediately start to be surprised by the amount of work of art that decorates buildings and walls. This is due to an initiative of the residents of this neighborhood who want to attract street artists and encourage them to do graffiti to fight against the abandonment of buildings. Thanks to this idea, it is possible to admire buildings and see streets turn into true open-air museums. You can find all pictorial styles: figurative, abstract, realistic, cubist art … There is a spot for everyone there!

That’s why, if you want to immerse yourself in art discovering this special facet of Valencia, come and meet us because we have a very special tour for you.

With the tour of urban art and graffiti of Hispania, escuela de español you will walk through the narrow and charming streets of the neighborhoods in Carmen, you will learn to understand all the peculiarities of the Valencian soul. Our incredible guide will show you which are the most relevant artists of this street culture and, in addition, you will make many new friends with whom you can practice your Spanish.

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