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Evening at Fallas museum

As you know, the most important celebration in Valencia are Fallas. They take place every year in March. In Fallas we can enjoy lots of fireworks, the Ofrenda, parades of falleros and streets are flooded with people. How is this possible? Well, because ninots are one of the key elements of this celebration. For those who don’t know what a ninot is, they are figures or sculptures that represent a person, an animal or even an entire city.

Each year, Fallas artists work tirelessly for hours to create these incredible ninots that aim to show bad habits and imperfections of society. Ninots are burnt the last day of Fallas. Symbolically, this act burns the negative issues of our planet. In Fallas, ninots address climate change, the politics of our country, corruption, bad habits of Spaniards and the society in general. But, are all ninots burnt? The answer is no. There is one called “ninot indultat”. This ninot is not burnt and is preserved in Fallas Museum because of its beauty.

On the one hand, many students were lucky enough to experience Fallas and fell in love with such amazing pieces of art and were eager to see more of them. On the other hand, other students were not able to see them in person. This is the reason why Hispania, escuela de español organises this beautiful visit to Fallas Museum. Inside, you will be astonished by the ninots that have been preserved since 1934. Isn’t this fantastic?

Fallas Museum is located in the ancient convent of Monteolivete neighbourhood, next to the ancient riverbed of Turia River. From there, you can see the City of Arts and Sciences. Once you are in the museum, you will be able to see all the ninots that have been saved since 1934. Our fantastic guide will explain what they symbolize, to which falla they belonged, why they won and many other curiosities that will turn you into an expert of Fallas. But that is not all! Apart from ninots, there are also great numbers of posters and advertising of Fallas as well as many photographs that will allow you to understand this incredible and peculiar celebration.

If you want to understand one of the most important elements of the Valencian culture, practice a lot of Spanish and meet new people, join us in this fantastic activity!

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