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Afternoon at the Museum: Museum of Fine Arts

Valencia is a beautiful city full of culture that offers us great possibilities to combine our learning of Spanish with all kinds of interesting cultural activities. In this case, you have an appointment that you can not miss with one of the best museums in Spain.

With this exciting activity of Hispania, escuela de español we will walk along the old Turia River because we are lucky that the Fine Arts Museum of Valencia is located between the la Trinidad and del Real.

Did you know that in 1962 it was declared a Historic Artistic Monument? The truth is that this museum has lived innumerable stories and curiosities; thus, for example, it was the residence of King Joseph I, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, it was a military academy for cadets and also a military hospital. Don’t you find it surprising?

This museum, direct witness of different historical events that you will discover in your visit, is formed by an incredible gallery, an ample background of drawings and engravings, by superb and fascinating archaeological pieces, photographs and sculptures that will surprise you from the first moment.

The enormous and varied collection of the museum is composed of works that span from the 14th century to the beginning of the 20th century and show the incredible genius of some of the best painters while bringing out the prolific value of Valencian art. During our visit, we will discover paintings belonging to international Gothic, the Valencian renaissance that was wrapped in the Italian influence of the Quattrocento, the Baroque influenced by Caravaggio, the neoclassical art and the French currents that influenced the art of transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century.

We will delight ourselves looking at the most representative and valuable paintings of artists such as Joan de Joanes, Diego Velázquez, Francisco de Goya, Ignacio Pinazo, Joaquín Sorolla and many more!

In addition, in this museum you will find an outstanding paleo-Christian sarcophagus decorated with strigiles and crismón, called Cycle of the Passion or “San Vicente Mártir“. It is said that this is where San Vicente Mártir was buried after his martyrdom but it is a fact that has not yet been confirmed.

And in addition to its permanent exhibition full of beauty and value, the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia also holds temporary exhibitions in its modern and new rooms.

But the truth is that it is not necessary to wait to see his paintings and artistic pieces to marvel and soak up art because the museum itself is already a work of incomparable artistic value. Composed of two parts, the school and the temple, its two towers on the façade overlooking the Turia give it an aspect of a fortress, something common at the time. The temple has a large dome of beautiful blue glazed tile, with a stonework facade that you will love. In addition, in 2007 the installation of the Ambassador Vich Palace Courtyard was completed inside the Museum, so this will be another of the delights of our visit. This courtyard shows the beauty and mastery of the Italian Renaissance as the ambassador visited Rome in 1507.

Do not miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the national and international art offered by the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia, while you learn many new things, practice a lot of Spanish and meet new friends with the same interests as you.

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