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Language exchange and Quiz + Salsa

One of the biggest concerns of Spanish students is finding a way to improve their oral expression. When we study a language, to express all those things that we think and feel or all those ideas and plans that we want to propose to our friends requires great effort and dedication. This causes that in many occasions we feel a little frustrated and disappointed because, in addition, it is difficult to find the opportunity to practice the language. However, you can stop worrying because we have the solution to your problems:

Come to the wonderful language exchanges that we organize.

In Hispania, escuela de español we propose you to improve your preferred language by practicing it in a very fun and dynamic way. Language exchanges have become one of the most acclaimed and famous ways to increase the level of oral expression of a student because it allows to continue learning but in a different, more relaxed and festive environment.

This activity is carried out in different charming bars of Valencia that have the most comfortable facilities to talk and understand everything perfectly. With this fantastic language exchange, you will have the great opportunity to improve your Spanish chatting and share many experiences with many special people who, like you, want to improve their language. In addition, it is a perfect time to interact with people from many different cultures and, most importantly for your Spanish, to be able to speak with natives. In a few weeks, you will feel how your fluency and your general level of oral expression and comprehension have greatly improved.

And, of course, it will be a fun and unforgettable way to create a circle of friends who have the same interests and desires as you.

But wait a second! This is not everything! The truth is that you will live a night full of surprises, in fact, many students have described it as magical, fun and surprising.

After having filled you with joy and pride for having practiced and greatly improved your Spanish, you can participate in an interesting and great quiz with which you will surely win many gifts.

And if you still want more because you are one of those people who are aiming the top, then we will give you more: in many occasions you will also have the luck to participate in a salsa class that will make you the king or the queen of the dance floor. Did you know that salsa is the most danced dance in the world? The salsa consists of a fusion of Cuban son, cumbia and mambo, which were inspired by Spanish and African rhythms. Among its instruments are the timbales, the conga, the maracas, the trumpet, the piano, the bongo, the double bass, the saxophone and many others, which gives it a unique and unsurpassed rhythm. Surely as soon as you hear the first tones of a song, you can not stop your body from moving to the music.

In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to continue meeting all those new friends you have made during the language exchange and, above, it helps you to improve your dance moves.

Cheerful and dynamic people, a beautiful city, delicious drinks, surprise gifts, salsa and much Spanish. What more could you want?

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