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Flamenco Show

Which of the dances is well known throughout the world because of its great passion and because of its representation of the Spanish soul?

Right! It is Flamenco!

If you are visiting Valencia, you can´t come back to your country without having seen one of the most incredible live show in Spain.

We do not want you to miss an excellent experience which will capture your senses of a real art, Hispania, escuela de español is offering to you a unique opportunity to see professional dancers of flamenco.

Do you want to know much more things about flamenco?

It is an art which is born in Andalusia, its origin cannot be firmly anchored in a specific year because of the result of the mixture of cultures over the centuries.  Because of this reason, the multiculturalism is one of the special characteristics of this dance. In flamenco we can find a lot of influences from other cultures, like Arab, Gypsy, Christian culture, or Jewish culture, even some movements bring us memories of the African dances.  Even though this dance is the best known internationally, the fact is that in flamenco the vocal and music live together.

This dance has its own special vocabulary, for example, dancers are known like bailaores, singers are cantaores and musicians are tocaores. The main instrument is a flamenco guitar. It is a particular type of the guitar which is different because of its body, which is narrower, in contrast of classical guitar. This shape helps to create a new sonority.

All the lyrics of their songs talk about the feelings as strong as love, heartbreak, anguish or suffering. In the stages of flamenco, such as those that we will visit with Hispania, escuela de español, all artists express their concerns, emotions and feelings and tries to transmit it to the audience. In fact, exists a very special moment, when the people who are among the public connect with the artist in the specific way, which we can describe like the process of catharsis. Basically, it is an art which transmits the sensations that we feel and tells us the stories that we all known from our own experience.

One of the most impressive characteristic of the flamenco is improvisation. The dancers must have a good knowledge of the art and of course must be disciplined, so that everyone could be able to improvise every night, creating different movements that could be considered as the real works of art.

Did you know that in 2010 flamenco dance was declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO?

With Hispania, escuela de español every Tuesday and Friday you can enjoy an incredible live flamenco show. We will show you a lot of different regions in Valencia which have a big charm and allow you to feel the pleasure of this art while you are drinking sangria or a Agua de valencia,

and above all, you will practice your Spanish and will make new friends with whom you can talk about the elegant movements of this dance in your preferred language.

This is a perfect opportunity to get involved in one of the typical Spanish atmosphere and to feel a lot of new things.

Are you ready to awake the spirit of flamenco inside of you?

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