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Escape room

A few years ago, escape rooms became very popular all over the world. Many people want to get away from routine and therefore decide to take an adventure trying to escape from these famous rooms. Actually, it is one of the favourite hobbies of young people and adults who want to spend a while with their friends. This is the reason why Hispania, escuela de español defies you to overcome this challenge while you enjoy this unforgettable experience and practice Spanish.

Haven’t you been to an escape room before?

Then keep reading because I am going to explain you all you need to know.

The first rule is that there is not any special requirement to play an escape room. Well, actually there is one. You must feel like having a lot of fun!

Each escape room is different. It can be decorated in different time periods and locations such as the Ancient Rome, Pharaonic Egypt and the quest for the Holy Grail. Some are even based in series and films such as Game of Thrones or Sherlock Holmes.

The objective of the game is solving the puzzle to escape from the room before time is up. You and your friends will have to overcome different tasks and decode puzzles to discover the story behind each new element of the game. Be ready because each task will test your intelligence. Will you be able to escape?

In Hispania, escuela de español we know that there is no better way of learning a language than experiencing it in every possible context. During the experience, you will test your Spanish and your courage. You will decode riddles and learn with your classmates. In addition, this is the perfect occasion for meeting new friends that are eager to do varied and fun activities. Think how worthy you will feel when you decode the whole mystery and escape from the room like a real detective. This will be indeed a good memory and an interesting story of your life in Spain that you could tell to your friends when you return to your country.

Don’t think it twice and come with us to resolve thousands of mysteries.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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