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An afternoon at the museum: Museum of Natural sciences

Valencia is a perfect city to visit or to live in it, because not only it is beautiful and has one of the most pleasant climates of Spain, but also has an incredible cultural offer for the most curious. From different museums to awesome shows, concerts or exhibitions that will leave you speechless.

That’s why in Hispania, escuela de español, we work for our dear students so that they can take advantage the most of their stay in Valencia, enjoying  and learning with interesting activities. On this occasion, we are talking about the fantastic Museum of Natural science of Valencia where you will be surprised seeing things so incredible as the reproduction of a prehistoric cave or the reconstruction of the study of the great Ramón y Cajal, Nobel laureate of medicine. Also, you should know that with this activity of Hispania, escuela de español, you will discover a wonder within another wonder, in fact, this museum is located in one of the most beautiful corner of the city of Valencia: the Nursery Gardens. Walking through these beautiful gardens, we will arrive at the Museum of Natural Science where we will explore its different areas. , I will tell you about some of the different parts of the museum, in order to stimulate your curiosity so that you want to come and enjoy with us.

Are you ready?

Science and Technology: here you can become an expert of the most important scientific figures of the Spanish landscape and, most of all, the valencian one. You will love having the opportunity to see the first electron microscope of Valencia.

The history of life: we will enter the history of ourdear planet Earth. We will go through the different ages in which it divides, we will observe a large paleontological collection and above all we will be impressed by the great specimen of Megaterio, an ancestor of the sloths that went extinct thousands of years ago.

Malacology: here we find an area dedicated to the shells of mollusks for sea lovers. Valencian ecosystems: with them, we will better understand the essence of Valencia: its river, its beautiful sea, its characteristic orchards, the famous Albufera Natural Park and many more interesting spaces.

The Rodrigo Botet paleontological collection: pay a lot of attention here because it is the best European fossil collection of the South American Pleistocene, where the twenty skeletons and more than five thousand bones belonging to different mammal species, will surprise you. You will be interested to know that the copies of this collection were mentioned by Charles R. Darwin in his lifework “On The Origin of Species”. What impressed you most about this?

Dinosaurs of the Valencian Community: if you are a “Jurassic Park” fan undoubtedly this is the area that you will like the most.

Valencian continental Neogene Deposits: in this part of the museum, we can see the skull of a sirenia found in the province of Alicante that belonged to the Metaxitherium genre.

As you can see, the Museum of Natural Science of Valencia offers its visitors a complete collection of pieces that will allow you to become an expert of our dear nature. So that don’t lose time and sing for this activity of Hispania, escuela de español that will make you fall in love with.

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