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The Adventure of Thought

The Spanish is a vehicle for joy and entertaining with the plenty of culture.

One of the most beautiful things of studying the foreign language is that the main purpose of the studying is communication, which allows us to approach it from different points of view, talk about different topics, visit many interesting places and allows to learn like never before. Of course, it doesn´t have to be boring or difficult. In contrast, in Hispania escuela de español, the precious sound which you can heard every day is the warm sound of the laughing among the students and professors. Our team is characterized by its great dynamism and a big smile, on this occasion, we propose you a big adventure: the adventure of thought!

Are you prepared?

We will experience this adventure in the MUVIM, Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad.

This is an unforgettable journey which starts in the Middle Ages, continues with the Age of the Enlightenment and modern science and comes to these days.

This exhibition allows you to feel like you are traveling in time and in history. This historical tour is spread through 15 halls and this journey engage you in sensational scenes which seek to recreate each period in the most accurate way as possible, allowing for students to learn and to understand everything as good as possible. Furthermore, new knowledge isn’t the only thing which is waiting you there, moreover you will be awarded by many surprises, because this is not a typical visit to the museum, this exhibition is full of elements of theatre.


To create a magical environment in the Adventure of Though, are used multiple of resources, such as new technologies, the audiovisual language and of course into an action are involved different characters who help you to learn in the most fun way.

Hispania, escuela de español, offers you an adventure, which can help you to change the way of seeing and understanding the story of human life: the invention of the printing press, the birth of the modern experimental science, the scriptorium of the convent and much more. Get ready, because you are about to become an expert of the greatest moments and discoveries of humanity.

The teacher Orlando Fals Borda created a term, which is called “sentipensante”, this word is used talking about the people who combine reason and love, body and heart. Surely, this is one of the most valuable traits that characterize human beings and of course this characteristic makes them so especial and distinguishes human beings from other creature of earth.  It is true that we could apply the term of Adventure of Thought, because this is an exhibition sentipensante, which will allow you to feel thousands emotions while you are invited to think and reflect about everything what surrounds the human being.

Are you prepared to become a human being sentipensante? Sign up to this wonderful activity of Hispania, escuela de español.

Through a chronological journey full of surprises that crosses a large exhibition space, we will playfully approach the keys to the history of Western thought. The visitor will be immersed in scenarios that recreate the cultural milestones of each era: from the Middle Ages to the present, through the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century or the birth of modern science.

The exhibition shows through 15 rooms the historical journey of ideas that go from the theocentrism of the Middle Ages, through the ideal of the reason of the Enlightenment, to conclude in the development of current science. Through a surprising chronological journey, through an exhibition space of more than 2,000 m2, we can approach the keys of the history of Western thought and the society it has produced. The visitor is immersed in scenarios that recreate the cultural milestones of each era: from the Middle Ages, through the Scientific Revolution of the Modern Age, the Enlightenment, the rationalism of the XVIII and the Science in the Contemporary Age, up to the current ones debates about postmodernity. The audiovisual language, the use of new technologies and the presence of different characters that accompany the visitor during the tour, transcend the didactic purpose of the exhibition to propose a personal adventure, a new way of seeing and a new way of knowing our reality and the principles of what we understand today as modernity, key issues to understand the present and approach the future.

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