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Afternoon at the Museum: IVAM

Museums and exhibitions always represent a perfect occasion to get closer to the art of a city, of a country, sometimes even to the whole world. That’s why Hispania, escuela de español strives to collect the best proposals to offer it’s dear students the best possible cultural offer so that your stay in Valencia will be unparalleled.

On this occasion, it is about a visit to one of the most important museums of the city of Valencia and also of Spain in the field of modern art: the IVAM, that is, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art.

Located in the heart of the charming Carmen neighborhood, the IVAM opened its doors in 1998 and, since then, it has never stopped giving

the city large exhibitions as well as a permanent show of very important authors such as Pablo Picasso, Ignacio Pinazo, Paul Klee, Jean Arp, Francis Picaia, Robert Delaunay and many more!

The intention of this museum, as the director Miguel G. Cortés José has stated several times, is to create large educational projects and cultural so that people are interested in art and can expand their cultural knowledge, as well as enjoy the best works of the  modern artistic panorama.

In our wonderful visit with Hispania, escuela de español, we can visit its permanent exhibition, where we will discover the work of many of the authors of the twentieth century who starred in the historical avant-garde. In this room, we will find the incredible figure of 11 322 works of painting, sculpture, drawing, video, photography or facilities, which will leave you speechless.

Did you know that in the basement of the IVAM there is the room of the Muralla (Wall), where you can see the remains of a medieval wall of the XIV century?

It is one of the most amazing things about this museum: being devoted to modern art, it has one of the oldest walls of Spain, which will also be one of the mandatory stops we will do in the IVAM.

After soaking up the culture with its amazing permanent collection and its wall, we will enter in its temporary exhibitions. They always try to expose the most leading works and themes of the artistic panorama so that its visitors leave with a great smile and the beating heart of culture. To tempt you, we will tell you that among them you can find the exhibition “1989. it’s the end of the XX century, where you will learn a lot about the creation of this museum; “Fernand Léger and modern life”, which has more than fifty paintings and drawings by the artist, as well as films, graphics designs or books that will show you the unique visual style of the author; the exhibition “Matter, space and time”. “Julio González and the vangurdias” will allow us to discuss aesthetics, politics and concerning society of the time of the author; with “Convulsive times”. “Stories and microhistories in the IVAM collection ”, we will attend the presence of Pop Art, mass culture and industrial iconography.

And these are just some of the wonders that will surprise you on our visit.

Soak up modern art, discover a new space in your favorite city ,meet new friends and practice a lot of Spanish.

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